Hope Wissel

Are Your Dreams Taking Flight?

I have been taking part in a training program, Super Star University, that is being offered by my Director, Hope Shortt.  I feel like I am back in college with a weekly class lecture, homework and practical tips to help me in my business but also in my life…

This week, we were talking about sharing the opportunity of our business with others while reaching for our dreams.  One of the things that was shared was the “5 Reasons that Our Dreams Don’t Take Flight”.  I have to admit that I have fallen into several of these traps, what about you?

  1. Discouraged to follow your dream by others.  WOW!  For those of us in Direct Sales, I am sure it happens ALOT or at least for me it does.  It is those well-meaning people who continually challenge and question if we can reach our goals.  They are especially discouraging when you have a slow month.  Be determined to follow YOUR dream.
  2. Hindered by past disappointment or hurt.  Although I had never pursued a career with a direct sales company, I did sign up with a lot of them.  Your past disappointment is exactly that the PAST!  Learn from it, grow and move on!
  3. Fall into the habit of being average.  For me, this happens when I start to compare my business/ life to others.  It provides the negative nellie an opportunity to squash the dreams that I have.  I honestly don’t remember dreaming much when I was younger about “what I wanted” or “where I wanted to be” which makes dreaming today hard for me.  I use my vision board to help me with this on a daily basis.
  4. Lack of confidence to pursue your dreams.  This one was written just for me!  I have lacked self-confidence for much of my life for various reasons steaming back to high school.  The “business me” is confident and ready to take on the world but the Hope that dreams is working on rebuilding that confidence.  I have been blessed with leaders, new friends and colleagues who are helping me along the way.
  5. Lack imagination to dream.  I guess sometimes that is me too.  I get trapped in the reality of what life is like and forget about dreaming.  You know those day dreams where you look out at the sky and just think of all of the things you want or want to do.  
Are your dreams taking flight?  Have a hard time keeping them in sight – try a vision board or pictures in plain sight so you are constantly reminded what those dreams are…Share your dreams or how you keep them in flight… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.
Hope Wissel

A Bittersweet Day

WOW!  That kind of sums up yesterday for me – overwhelming happy, a little nervous & grateful.  

No, the overwhelmingly happy wasn’t that I reached my Weight Watcher’s goal but that I lost 2 pounds in a week when I wasn’t sure I was going to loose anything.  At weigh in, after my look of total surprise at a 2 pound loss, I OFFICIALLY set my goal weight of 146 (the top of the scale for my little 5′ 4″ height).  I am just about 8 pounds away!  Talk about shocked.  Okay, so that was the goal all along but in the back of my mind, I don’t think I ever really thought I would reach it.  Call me a “negative nellie” but I could never see myself there.  This is actually possible – I could celebrate TWO of my goals – walking across stage at National Conference as Director (goal completed, just need to walk) AND my goal weight.  Now to make sure that I don’t self-sabotage the track to goal weight.  

Rob and I headed to the cardiologist for his emergency appointment.  He allowed me to come into the room so that I could hear things for myself from the doctor (a praise in itself).  They found fluid on his lungs as a result of some sort of “cardiac failure” but they can’t determine the extent until they finish some more tests.  THEN, a decision will be made about surgery.  Can I tell you how angry I was at the GP for his “surgery NOW attitude”?  I really liked that the cardiologist spent time with us talking about all of the options and laying out a plan that will happen quickly but is manageable.  A script of lasix has already reduced some of the fluid which allowed hubby to sleep through the night – the first time in over a week.  Last night, he was even able to finish a sentence without loosing his breath – another victory.  Yes, we still have tests (EKO on Tuesday, stress on Wednesday) and he is wearing a heart halter for 24 hours ending today but there is not a feeling of panic.  Prayers are still needed because I believe that they will work!

To top it off, even though I had a “senior moment” – I prefer to call is that instead of a “fear/doubt” moment – I was able to enroll in an amazing training program to grow my business called “Super Star University” offered by my Director, Hope Shortt.  This is my time to grow, change my mindset and hopefully be an inspiration to others, especially those on my team.

I am grateful for the path that God is leading me on.  I know that I stray many days looking for quick & easy ways to make my business a success or thinking it will take care of itself but when I lean on God to guide me – all things are possible.  Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.