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Can You Beat Vacation Veronica?

How long is this sign on your business during the holidays?  For Vacation Veronica stepped into the picture right around Thanksgiving weekend.  She may have come and gone a few times since them but she is sneaking back to see if she can stay till the spring thaw.

Some will take a holimonth instead of a holiday.  I used to take a holimonth from the Christmas cutoff till after the first of the year.  The end result was the need to kick start my business every spring.

As we creep into the final days before Christmas then head into the week till New Years, the holiday season takes on a life of its own.  The time spent in the office is all about paper pushing.  Now, I am not saying this isn’t productive in some ways but can put a damper on the most productive, money making time of year.  Pushing papers and getting things in order are good things I do in between Christmas and New Years as I prep for the upcoming year.  The truth is, we need to keep working on building our business so in January, we are not sitting around trying to figure out WHY we don’t have any business on the books.

Here are some tips from JulieAnne Jones:

  • If you are a Leader, plan all your meetings for 2018. As Leaders with Thirty One, they help us stay on track with giving us all of the materials we need.
  • Schedule time to connect with your downline to see how you can help them with their goals in 2018.
  • Share with your team some fun ideas for theme parties as well as other tips on how to boost their business in the new year.
  • Call your September, October, November and December guests – you know the “pink bag calls” we talk about. Check in and make sure they are happy with their product.
  • Call your past hostess and check in. Don’t be afraid to ask them about hosting a party.
  • Commit to listen to/ or read at least one training program. Don’t just listen or read – IMPLEMENT it!

As for me, I am excited to be kicking of the new year utilizing the Tag Team Party format.  Since 95% of my business has been online, I have been on the hunt for a way to hold fast, fun and easy parties online.  The format will plant booking and recruiting seeds while guests enjoy a 31-minute party online.

I am tweaking my follow-up system.  With our new ship before the party closes, there have been some challenges.  So, I am trying to get a system together.  The money is in the follow-up and I need to remember it on a regular basis. It isn’t just about the emails or social media, it is also about snail mail AND the phone.

Here’s to hoping Vacation Veronica doesn’t linger long at my house or yours. Take a break and enjoy your family and friends during the holiday season but don’t neglect your business. If you had a store front, you wouldn’t close for 2 weeks would you? So why should you close your direct sales business for 2 weeks unless you are fully booked for the next 2 months – even then, I am not sure I would stop working my business.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

Facebook Party Tag Team Style


Do you know what day it is????  Not only is it hump day but it is also WOOHOO Wednesday.

I wanted to give a shout out to the Tag Team.  No, I am not talking about wrestling – okay be honest, I am not the only one who used to watch WWE with their daughter, right?  No, this Tag Team is a team of party peeps.  Here is their story:

Rachel Perry and Amanda Holland, both previous direct sellers themselves, were frustrated with the lack of communication and personal touch that seemed to happen with traditional catalog parties. So, they took catalog parties to Facebook. After months (and months and months and months…you get the picture) of trial and error, they finally figured out not only the formula to the successful 30 minute Facebook party but also the tools needed to build relationships over social media. Today, the Tag Team trains representatives from over 100 direct sales companies on how to build relationships using various forms of social media while focusing on the tools needed to have successful virtual parties. Their dynamic personalities bring a sense of freshness and excitement to the direct sales industry. During their trainings not only will you get fabulous information but you also are guaranteed to laugh so hard that you might pee your pants.

THE TAG TEAM IS THEIR NAME AND FACEBOOK EVENTS ARE THEIR GAME!!  The Tag Team trains direct sellers and small business owners how to market their product using Facebook events.

  • Virtual catalog parties
  • Virtual Team Training events
  • Business Opportunity presentations
  • One-on-One training
  • Group and Team training
  • Personalized event scripts and images

No, this is not a paid advertisement.  I bought the 30-minute Facebook training.  I started to push it aside when they said “make videos” BUT I decided to step out of my comfort zone.  I spent a few hours making some vides – a Welcome to the Party, two why videos (why you should party with me and my WHY), the top 5 Thirty One products, and then a thank you and the announcement of the winners.  The longest video was the Top 5 products but the rest were an average of 1 – 2 minutes long.  They are rough but I have to admit, I enjoyed making them.  I am excited to make some more and to start “talking” to people via video for Facebook parties as well as through other social media.

I know, you want to know the results, right?  I left the party open for just 24 hours, as recommended, and the result was a $200 party (with some pre-orders).  A $200 party that I wasn’t expecting.  The truth is that was my goal.  Crazy, right?  Well, I did a Door Prize slip via Google (a blog for another day) and those who were attending simply wanted to look and had no intention of buying.  So, a $200 party was pretty good, right for a lot of lookers.

Will I be doing it again?  YES!  I have already put a Summer Retirement Party on the calendar. CLICK to join in the fun on July 9th.  I won’t be relying on Facebook for ALL of my parties because we know the BEST party is a home party, right?  When there are time crunches like summer or vacations or there is just no time in your schedule to book a party – this helps to fill the gap.

So check out my videos and let me know what you think.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Facebook Party Tips

ice cream sundae

In direct sales, Facebook parties are the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.  They are an extra bonus.  They are not something that you would traditionally use as the foundation for your business.  Okay, no hate mail because I know that there are ALOT of success Facebook partiers out there.  I am just skeptical that you can run your business solely on Facebook parties.

I was all for Facebook parties in the beginning.  I thought it  was a great way to add parties to a hectic month’s schedule. SMACK!  Then reality set in.  I found out that they can bomb just like a any other direct sales party.  There are a lot of trainings out there – ones that claim that you can have HUGE Facebook parties.  I have tried some of them and have not had any HUGE results.  I had some successful ones but the hostess was excited and motivated to reach HER goal.

I recently had a Facebook party with another direct sales company.  I really liked the format – it was short and sweet but I felt like I had enough information to make informed decisions.  It was based on the Tag Team’s 30 minute Facebook Party.  It moved faster than my 15 post Facebook party with a lot more interaction.  Not a lot of text but lots of informational pictures.  So, I was curious and I listened to one of the Tag Team’s FREE 5 Top Tips for Facebook Party calls.

Here is their top 5 tips:

  1. Do your party in a group not as an event. I have to admit, this makes me nervous because I don’t want to spam anyone.  The truth is, if you or your hostess personally invites guests and they agree to be added to the party – it is all good.  This means private messages or emails or text messages.
  2. HOSTESS COACHING!!!  Just because the party is online, it doesn’t mean you don’t hostess coach.  Encourage your hostess to invite no more than 50 people to the party.  The same guidelines as she would if she was inviting people to her home.  This should be done via personal invitations and NOT a general invite on Facebook.  Most people don’t see those invitations but they do read their private messages, email or text messages.  In some cases, snail mail may even work.  Encourage people to RSVP – offer an incentive.
  3. Pre-posts set the tone of the party.  They should be clear and concise with good quality pictures and few words.  You can use pic monkey to design collages or Facebook covers.  Make them fun so that there is interaction between guests.
  4. No sales pitch.  Make the pre-posts about the product and not about sales or specials.  Get people talking about the benefits of the product and its different uses.
  5. Overposting.  This seems to be the downfall according to the Tag Team of a successful Facebook party.  Pre-posts should be limited to once a day.  As for the party, a total of 5 posts.  YIKES!!  I almost feel like that is not possible but with the use of photo albums guests are able to see a lot of product pictures.

I have always been a multi post person – usually twice a day before the party, then up to 15 or 20 posts during the party.  I have used auto-posting programs like CinchShare so that posts can be posted every 2 – 3 minutes.  The goal was for me to have time to interact with the guests.  I still feel lost and confused, like I am missing things.

So, I am going to tweak my format and incorporate some of the Tag Team’s tips.  My goal is to have a system that gets the hostess and her guests excited so she can earn lots of FREE product.  I mean isn’t that the goal of any direct sales party – REWARDING the hostess with lots of FREE and discounted products.

So, what is YOUR best tip for a Facebook party?  Tell us how many posts you use and what was YOUR highest sales with a Facebook party.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!