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tammy-stanleyWOW!  I am always surprised when someone calls me on my “stuff”.  I love being accountable to someone about my business and business goals BUT there are those times when I wish they would just nod their head and say “ok”.

In my never ending quest for personal development and growing my business, I came across an article by Tammy Stanley.  I had the pleasure of hearing her speak in person at a Thirty One National Conference – my second year.  I have to admit, not much of her presentation or her tips sunk in.  I listened but I was so overwhelmed and humbled as I was walking the stage as a NEW Director that year that I missed a lot.  I took notes and remember nodding my head in agreement at many of the things that she said during her talk.

When I came across this post, I was “interested”.  I mean who doesn’t want to know the #1 word that those in direct sales (or other sales businesses) doesn’t want to hear.  We have all heard it, right?  “Yes, I am interested” then they never return phone calls or emails or may even block you on Facebook.

According to Tammy, “Interested is a word that salespeople use when they do not want to hear their prospects tell them, “No.” But guess what? Interested is also a word that prospects use when they do not want to tell the salesperson, “Yes.””.   How often have you asked a potential hostess or a potential recruit “are you interested?”.  They say “yes” and maybe for that moment they are interested but the momentum passes once they have walked away.  The result, no bookings and no new recruits.  Not what you (or I) were hoping for.  Expressing interest is not commitment.

What if we were more direct with our questions?  What if we just cam out and asked them “How would you feel about taking a look at this?” or “How do you feel about hosting a Thirty One girl’s night out?”.  What is the worst that could happen – they say NO!  I have learned to look for and expect “NO” as opposed to being disappointed because I am looking for a “YES”.  If they say NO, then you know that your prospect does not want what you are selling or offering and you can move forward instead of wasting your time and theirs by continuing to pursue them.

Another perk of the direct question, is that the prospect has an opportunity to share more about the obstacles that keep them from having a party or joining your team.  By allowing the prospect the opportunity to share more about their obstacle, we can respond to the obstacle and not just guess at what the prospect is thinks about our product or opportunity.

So, as I look reflect on how I approach potential recruits, customers and hostesses, I now know that the word “interested” will NOT be in the question.  I use the word often because it always seemed a softer approach.  No more -direct and to the point is for me!  Value your prospects by allowing them to share their objections without feeling like they have to use the “interested” word.  I know I LOVE the numbers but my business about building relationships and by valuing my customers, my numbers will grow.

I challenge you this week NOT to use the word “interested” when you are talking to prospects.  Make those conversations count.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Recruiting New Leaders

 Thank you Tammy Stanley for reminding me that my goal of MY business is to to create the life and the world that I want for me and my family while at the same time helping those on my team to create the life and the world that THEY want for their family.

I LOVE this question, “how often do you put your focus on the result, for example getting a new recruit? If you only need two more people on your team to get that next promotion, it’s common to look at and go for that number – two recruits.” I mean I have been guilty of this, come on admit it – you have too.  Did you every think that every time you do that, you undermine the value you bring to others and the world?  WOW!  That was an eye opener.

Have you ever said something similar to any of the following:

  • Every time I try to recruit someone, they act really interested, but they don’t sign up
  • Every time I recruit someone new, I get all excited, but then they never end up doing anything
  • I get so tired of recruits who don’t do anything

The above thoughts or statements are all ways in which one generalizes and turns people into things, namely recruits that can’t or won’t perform.  The truth: No one really cares about doing a business; people care about living a life they love.  When you make strong generalizations and say things like “every time…” you remove possibility, and new experiences and new opportunities always spring from possibilities.

If you want to recruit strong leaders, give up thinking how you and/or others have been thinking about recruits, and look at them with new eyes. Seek to discover who they really are and what they’re truly passionate about.  

We all talk about our WHY and we always talk about helping our recruits find their WHY, right?  In the midst of reaching our own personal goals or that incentive trip we want so much – do we REALLY LISTEN?

Remember those little complaints that we talked about before..What if all those little, secret complaints you utter about recruits are not so little or so secret? Consider that they are not. What you secretly think about people really isn’t a secret.    What if the impression or aura or whatever you want to call it is felt by those who are THINKING about joining your team?  People respond accordingly, when you think of them as small with no drive or as extraordinary with a big desire to make a difference in the world.  

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription, but all the while you don’t even know that you are wearing glasses. You would believe that things look fuzzy because they are; you would not know that things only look fuzzy because you are wearing the wrong glasses.  What if the performance of recruits is fuzzy because so many of us in this industry see them that way? What if we limit what’s possible for them because we relate to them as things that are statistically predictable and disappointing?

Tammy issues this challenge which I am passing along – “My request is that you set aside the ideas and views you have about recruits. Spend a solid month (and then go for a solid year!) seeing them as big people with a huge desire to make a decided difference in the world. Take off those glasses with the wrong prescription and allow a whole new world to open up for both you and the people that join you in this business.

Share your thoughts on this…Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Customers Gone Missing

Over the last almost three years of selling Thirty One, I have had customers gone missing or that stopped buying from me. I am sure that I am not alone in this.  As the holiday season is upon us, we may make those feeble attempts to reach out to past customers and hostess but to no avail.  Messages left, no return call.  Emails sent, no reply.  Facebook postings, blocked, deleted or no response.  Has this happened to you – customers just quit buying from you without any particular reason?

The truth is there is a reason….you may not want to hear it…indifference!  Okay, I know you are saying – I call, I text, blah, blah, blah.  Our company sends the monthly newsletters to alert our customers about the specials.  If we are honest with ourselves, have we really kept in touch with our customers?  I don’t mean those calls to BOOK, SELL, RECRUIT.  I mean just a call to check in – do you like the product, thank you, happy birthday, whatever the reason to call, text or email.

Tammy Stanley, who I had the pleasure of hearing at Thirty One’s National Conference  definitely got me to thinking but I am not sure that I really ACTED on what I learned.  Have you ever done that?  Statistics show that 55% of our customers take their business elsewhere because WE, as direct sellers, show no interest in keeping them around.  I have talked often about the importance of follow-up but if this statistic doesn’t convince you, nothing will.  Picking up the phone for some is the hardest thing to do but it is one of the MOST important things that we can do as direct sellers.

Have you been at an event and offered to put someone on your mailing list, then never followed through?  Have you told someone that you would contact them about a special or a product they were interested in, then didn’t?  Have LOTS of leads from an event, never called those who showed the slightest interest in the opportunity – party or business?  I know some direct sellers who are AMAZING at this, they have awesome systems and a structure to their follow-up.  These consultants I am sure are not loosing customers.  Unfortunately, I am afraid that I am one of those that may be loosing a few customers because of this exact thing.  Finding a system that works for me seems to be the issue or is it just an excuse to avoid doing some of those things that I don’t like doing?

So, what about you – are you loosing customers?  Or, are you one of those AWESOME direct sellers that has a system that keeps you connected?  Share your struggles and your successes!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Prospecting in Your Business?

tammy-stanleyTammy Stanley was another dynamic speaker at Thirty One‘s National Conference on Super Thursday.  Is your prospecting or lack of prospecting keeping you from being a success in your business?  When you think of prospecting for your business what is your FIRST thought?  Mine was actually mining for gold – I know not necessarily business related but it did bring back great memories of family trips to Knotts Berry Farm in California. As for business prospects they are people that I have met who may have stopped at my vendor table, bought an item ONCE or were introduced by a friend to me.  I may not know these personally, I may not remember details about them – unless I was good at making notes (okay, once in awhile I surprise myself) but they were interested enough in my business to fill out a customer care card.  BINGO!  We have something in common – it may be remote but it is in common and NOW it is time to pick up the phone.

I know – the “DIRTY” word – PHONE.  What is stopping you from picking up the phone?  Have you never followed up with them and feel like it is too late?  The biggest reason is FEAR of rejection.  I mean really who likes to be rejected.  Even if you don’t know a person if they reject you, you may feel bad for a moment.  How do you plan on growing your business if you don’t prospect?  Prospecting and follow-up is the key to increased business.  So, here are some tips that Tammy shared:

  • Don’t wing it – script it.  Then PRACTICE the script so you are comfortable with it.  The script should be no more than 90 seconds.  That doesn’t mean speed read but be short, concise and to the point about why you are calling them.
  • If you haven’t called a prospect in over a year, call them first to practice on.  Make your mistakes with people you were planning on writing off anyway or never expected to be successful with for sales or a party.
  • Ask your customers “Did I catch you at a bad time”?  How often do we say “Is this a good time to talk” and their first response is NO.  By changing the question slightly – you may get a different response.  Prospects will always be busy.  It shows that you care and value their time if you are asking them if it is a bad time for them.
  • DON”T ask your prospects “How are you doing?”  People will share with anyone who will listen so make sure you get in what you want to say FIRST, then ask.
  • Begin with the real reason you are calling – “We are having a GREAT special this month and thought of you”.
  • Never tell prospects/customers that you “want a few minutes of their time”.  WRONG!  I never have a few minutes so use attention grabbing and highly persuasive words like: preferred, qualify, entitled.  Your customers are more likely to do things for you if you are willing to do something for them.
  • BECAUSE and FREE are powerful words. Because is a magic word that influences behavior.  People will take “buy one get one FREE” before they take “50% off”.

So, who is ready to start prospecting?  Pick up the phone with your script in hand.  Make a difference in someone’s life regardless of whether or not they take you up on your offer.  Remember to always ask for the order by persuading them in your script that they want to grab the deal before it goes away.

What are your best prospecting tips?  We would love to hear them.  Post them below for all to see.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

Hope Wissel

A Bottom Line is No Laughing Matter

Today is the OFFICIAL start of National Conference for EVERYONE.  Get ready for the rumble – I am sure you will feel it up and down the East Coast as 15,000 PLUS Thirty One Consultants enter the Georgia World Congress Center for FALL PREMIERE…  The volume is deafening as each of the NEW Fall prints and products are showcased for the first time.  Having been there last year, I can tell you that the excitement is electrifying. I can’t even imagine what it will be like for the 10th Anniversary edition.

Today’s title is actually a direct quote from another speaker at yesterday’s training – Tammy Stanley.  Now the actual title of her webpage is “The Tammy Stanley Sales Refinery“.  I love this type of personal branding and I can’t wait to hear her words of wisdom. Our online training schedule summarized her like this:

tammy-stanleyTammy Stanley founded and directs “The Sales Refinery,” where she combines irresistible insights and humor to transform your business. As a former senior executive in direct sales, she believes sales people need more than motivation. They need the necessary tools to stop unproductive behaviors. Tammy transforms the way direct sellers perceive themselves, their prospects, their customers and their opportunity, which causes visible results.

What are your unproductive behaviors?  I know I have a few like Facebook, email, and procrastination.  I am looking to be transformed in oh so many ways during this year’s National Conference.  If you have ever taken any workshops or read any of her books, please share…  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!