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New Product – Simple Man

Today’s blog is by Tara Novak an Independent Business Owner with Simple Man...Simple Man, reaching a new male market in Direct Sales.

Men are finally not overlooked in the Direct Sales world with the launch of Simple Man. A full line of salon quality products delivered right to your door. As a proven concept the past few years, keeping life simple with subscription delivery of our most common and needed bathroom products, Simple Man is committed to hitting this market in a major way. So many direct sales companies have missed the mark for years by not enticing men with products they are comfortable selling to their peers to increase their personal income.
Started by two successful salon owners of the appropriately named “The Man Salon” Shawn Ericsson and Justin Christman have come to the table with the launch of products that include everything from the shower, to the sink and mirror. Men &women have raved about their top quality salon line as it is affordable and not insanely priced like the shelved competition. The products are essential oil based, a couple products are even organic, and they smell spectacular!

Simple Man has chosen to distribute their product through the network marketing channel as it understands the impact that network marketing can have on the company’s success as well as the incredible impact it can have on those, and the family of those, who choose to use this channel as a source of income. Independent Business Owners (IBOs) of Simple Man have an unlimited income with Simple Man by sharing products that they love and that are staple products in everyone’s lives. Simple Man is not creating additional expenses for their audience/customers. They are simply offering products that people use on a daily basis and shop for on a regular basis. Simple Man is just providing better quality products, salon quality, without the hassle of high prices and fighting crowds at the store!
Simple Man is not only committed to delivering top quality but is driven by the success of IBO’s that want to get involved. Their mission statement states just that:

The Simple Man is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to consumers through a Distribution Channel that brings extraordinary income to families across the world. Like our name, we have kept our business model simple and effective so more people can see success faster and longer in our organization. We believe in big rewards to those who work hard and strive to do great things for themselves and their families.

Simple Man launched on October 1, 2016 and is building its foundation strong with IBOs who see the vision, the potential and understand that they will be serving others by filling a void that has been present in network marketing for some time. And while these IBOs serve others, they have the opportunity to change their own lives while building a legacy for their family.

“Simple Man is focused on providing Salon Quality products and creating a super fun (work hard, play harder) platform for the individuals who choose to become and IBO in our organization. Every detail from our compensation plan, down to our no auto-ship, and no inventory to carry was strictly designed from an IBO’s perspective vs. a big corporate agenda. This allows for more people to see success that may have been intimidated about getting into the network marketing industry for the first time. It’s really all about fun and the people.

IBOs are key in our Distribution model. We want to give everyone involved with Simple Man the opportunity to see success faster and longer than with any other network marketing organizations. After doing extensive research, we modeled our business based on IBO success first and for most from a simple compensation plan and bonus structure to amazing trips and adventure incentives. Once someone joins Simple Man they receive an email from the Home Office asking for their bucket list dreams. It’s our dream to help our IBOs check them off. We truly live by our ‘Work hard. Play harder!’ motto.” -Betsy deWit CMO/Principal

What are the details of becoming a Squad Member with Simple? Why Simple Man?

It’s Simple…

  • Earn up to 50% of collective team sales while selling amazing, salon-quality products and growing your team!
  • Great opportunity for residual income.
  • Get paid daily, weekly and monthly!
  • Earn unbelievable trips, cash bonuses, and perks. Live the “Suite Life”!
  • Be your own boss and a true business owner as a Simple Man Independent Business Owner (IBO)!
  • No inventory to keep!
  • No parties!
  • No mandatory autoships!
  • Frequent, additional Squad Member Perks & Benefits!

To see all the fun Simple Man and Simple Man IBO’s are having, check out the Squad Member Benefits page on the site at www.simplemanfresh.com or contact IBO Tara Novak (848) 992-9309 or at simplemanfresh@yahoo.com.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!