Hope Wissel

Tea and Cookies


My favorite afternoon drink is tea.  I am a coffee girl only in the morning to give me a little kick to start my day.  Hot green tea is what I will drink in hot or cold weather and especially when we go out to eat.  Favored teas just didn’t seem to be for me.

Then I found tea blends created by my dear friend, Kathleen Edinger who is the founder and owner of TeaScapes. This is like no other tea I have ever had. I LOVE it. The Spring Break is a combination of Black tea, papaya, peach, apricot, apple, strawberries, hibiscus, kiwi, orange peel, blackberry leaves, calendula,sunflower, rose petals, and natural flavors.  Check it out….


Jersey Cookie Girl founded by the AMAZING Nicole.  Her cookies are so YUMMY! Now being gluten free, I was sure I would miss these YUMMY cookies.   I was thrilled to taste her gluten free cookies courtesy of TeaScapes (picture on the left). They were just as good as her regular sugar cookies. The cookie tray on the right is a birthday tray Nicole shipped to North Carolina for my daughter’s birthday.  Cookies themed just for her – not a one was cracked or broken. Homemade delicious cookies shipped – YEAH!!! What a great way to share a taste of home with Belinda.

teascape cookie belinda's treats

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Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!