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Blogging Changes Lives

I know you are thinking – why is she talking about blogging AGAIN?  First, I can’t believe that I have been blogging daily for over 4 months.  Who would have thought a simple challenge from Vanessa Coppes of ETTM would get me obsessed with blogging?  Do I struggle some days finding a topic? YES!  Do I wonder if anyone actually reads them?  YES!  It is the occasional comment or message from a friend or reader that keeps me going, wanting to write more and share more.  I was surprised a National Conference at how many people actually read my blog!  It was humbling to think that people read AND shared it with friends, family and team members.

The Sales MOMS Network actually did a story on Blogging for Direct Sales“.  There are some great suggestions in there on how to get started if you are in direct sales and are considering blogging.  It can be a little scary at first but the benefits far outweigh the scare factor.  The also shared a blog on “The 7 Tips of Basic Blogging”.

Another blog that I follow is by Women Living Well who shared how FIVE years of blogging had changed her life.  That is ALOT of blogging.  She shares how writing of other others in the blogging community has changed her – I can so relate to that.  I remember the first time that Deb Bixler included my name in a tweet – I was shocked, honored and for those that know me – yes, I cried just a little but they were tears of joy.

Looking for a way to get started – try the The Editorial Checklist Planner”  by The House of Papier.  I had the chance to hear Melissa share at an ETTM meeting and she was AMAZING.  Her book is a BIG help for those of us who blog on a regular basis.  I tend to think of topics all of the time so this helps to keep me at least a little organized.  I mean who wants to read the same blogs all the time, right?

Are you considering blogging?  What have you got to loose, right?  Will it give you instant business?  Probably not.  Will it help you to develop relationships?  Absolutely.  I know for me, it has changed my life.  It has helped me step just a little further out of my comfort zone by sharing sides of myself that very few people know.  I LOVE helping others to grow – personally and professionally to be the best that they can be.  Remember “You can’t fail if you don’t stop BEFORE you SUCCEED.” Wise words from Mary Christensen.

I challenge each of you to move the walls of your comfort zone so that you can grow.  It it isn’t blogging, maybe it is picking up the phone and making calls. Or is it sharing the gift of your business with someone that you don’t know?  Whatever the wall is – step beyond it and experience the greatest gift of all – overcoming your own personal FEAR.  I look forward to hearing about the walls you are moving – please share.  If you are blog or are starting a blog – share that information below so we can all check it out.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.