Hope Wissel

A Bottom Line is No Laughing Matter

Today is the OFFICIAL start of National Conference for EVERYONE.  Get ready for the rumble – I am sure you will feel it up and down the East Coast as 15,000 PLUS Thirty One Consultants enter the Georgia World Congress Center for FALL PREMIERE…  The volume is deafening as each of the NEW Fall prints and products are showcased for the first time.  Having been there last year, I can tell you that the excitement is electrifying. I can’t even imagine what it will be like for the 10th Anniversary edition.

Today’s title is actually a direct quote from another speaker at yesterday’s training – Tammy Stanley.  Now the actual title of her webpage is “The Tammy Stanley Sales Refinery“.  I love this type of personal branding and I can’t wait to hear her words of wisdom. Our online training schedule summarized her like this:

tammy-stanleyTammy Stanley founded and directs “The Sales Refinery,” where she combines irresistible insights and humor to transform your business. As a former senior executive in direct sales, she believes sales people need more than motivation. They need the necessary tools to stop unproductive behaviors. Tammy transforms the way direct sellers perceive themselves, their prospects, their customers and their opportunity, which causes visible results.

What are your unproductive behaviors?  I know I have a few like Facebook, email, and procrastination.  I am looking to be transformed in oh so many ways during this year’s National Conference.  If you have ever taken any workshops or read any of her books, please share…  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!