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Out of the Box Gift Giving

Has your gift giving list grown?  Has your office just decided to hold a Secret Santa?  Are YOUR friends looking for gifts for people in their office or do they know someone who is looking to give gifts to their co-workers or customers?  I know this sounds OBVIOUS but have you approached them about using YOUR products as gifts.  Now, I don’t mean just hand them a catalog to look through, I mean really help them with their gift giving dilemnas.

I have been tossing around an idea and figure it is a little late for this year but one never knows….”outside the box” gift giving.  I can’t take all of the credit for it, I saw an article which also made me think that this was a good idea.  Remember the wish list of your childhood.  You know the one where you scoured the catalogs and sale papers making a list of EVERYTHING you could possible want then gave it to parents who shared it with everyone in the family.  What if we were to provide our customers with a gift list where they could give us a few words about that person that they need to buy for and in return we make practical suggestions from our product lines for them?  I know you are all thinking – when do I have time to do that in addition to my shopping, work (full and part-time), kids, etc.  I am not saying offer it to everyone but what if you offered it to your hostess or those VIP customers who shop year round with you, never missing an opportunity to share your business with others.

Let’s try it with some of our Thirty One products:

  • Busy Mom, Mom Taxi – what about a Thirty One Timeless Beauty bag filled with pens, pencils, note paper, crayons, etc. to leave in the car.  You never have to hunt for a pen or you can keep the kids busy while in the car.timeless beauty for kidsI forgot my pencil bag
  • Hubby, Mechanic, Car fanatic – How about an organizing utility tote filled with everything they would need to take care of their car?  They can keep everything in the trunk – organized so there is still room for the groceries.

dad's car kit

  • College Student, Commuter – How about a Large utility tote filled with everything they would need in an emergency?  Blanket, jumper cables, first aid kit, etc.  We gave my daughter one when she started driving. I know, most people have AAA but honestly sometimes they tae FOREVER!  In the dead of winter, would it be nice to have a filled bag in the trunk that could possibly help out if a good Samaritan stopped to offer assistance.

large utility tote


So, have I sparked any ideas?  Are YOU thinking outside of the box?  Some people will think it is tacky to give a gift of the product you sell but think about how special it will be if it is combined with something that they would know you picked out just for them.  I mean we all LOVE our products, why not share them with friends, family and co-workers.

What are you doing for gift giving this holiday season that is “outside of the box”?  I am still looking for a few gift ideas, how about sharing YOUR best company gift idea with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!