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Travel Tips + Free Printable


Tomorrow morning at 7AM, I head on the road to my “pink bubble” in Columbus, Ohio.  Yup, I am still working on packing – truth is, I haven’t even started!

Since I am sure that I am not the only last minute packer, here are some travel tips courtesy of ““.  Yes, I am using her free printable packing list so I don’t forget anything.

I love to travel. When Belinda was younger, I used to spend weeks getting things together – snacks, clothes, accessories, etc.  I checked and double checked to make sure that we didn’t forget anything.  Of course, we usually did.  Now traveling with hubby, I seem to wait till the last few days to get things together.  When I traveling on my own, make that the last day or two.

Tip 1: Fill a pill case with any medicines you might need and label them.  This is for all of those “just in case” medicines so you aren’t hunting for things while you are traveling.

Tip 2: Use a contact case to store smaller items like earrings. It also works great to fill with makeup, like foundation so you don’t need to bring the whole container. 


Tip 3: Place a garbage sack in your suitcase to fill with dirty clothes.  We usually use the plastic laundry bags from the hotel but this makes so much more sense – especially on a road trip!  Plop the bag in the car and just carry it right to the laundry room when you get home.

Tip 4: Place your necklaces between two pieces of sticky (plastic) wrap, so they don’t get tangled.

Tip 5: Fill travel containers with shampoo and lotions. Then keep them in a bag in your suit case so it’s already packed.  This is so much cheaper than buying the travel size bottles, too.

Tip 6: Place a fabric softener sheet in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

Tip 7: Place your shoes in a zip top bag to prevent dirt from getting on your clothes. OR use those throw plastic shower caps that you can get at the dollar store.

Tip 8: Place your favorite snack bars (mine are Aloha bars or Graze snacks) in a snack bag on a  so you always have a tasty and healthy snack.


Bonus: Print out a packing list from “iheartnaptime” to keep track of everything. It was a HUGE help for me.

Source: 10 Essential Travel Tips + Free Printable Packing List – I Heart Nap Time

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!