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Change the World or Money

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The 3 components of a successful direct sales business.  We have heard it all before, right?  It is drilled into our heads from the first day.  For many, the book and sell is easy.  But when it comes to recruiting, they freeze.  Why?  Fear of having to lead others?  Fear of competition?  Fear of having their sales drop because their best hostess/customer is now a team member?  Or maybe it is the fear of not knowing what to say?  How do I share the business without being a “pushy salesperson”?  How do I find the right person?


I came across this great analogy:

Finding new recruits can be like attending a birthday party for 7-year-olds. Some children run and jump. Some scream and laugh. And some sit and watch. When you meet a new person who is interested in your business, it’s natural to assume that the same things that motivate you will motivate them. But you don’t know for sure, do you?

There is the theory “Share your why and talk about the benefits to you” and others will want some.  Or, “share about the income and what it has done for you”.  In both of these, it is all about you.  You have no clue what is going to appeal to the other person.

You jump right into your story, your heart’s in the right place BUT many back away.  WHY?  Because they feel like you want them to support YOUR goals and they will get little in return.  The good news is that there’s a way to share the business opportunity and be 100% authentic.

There are two types of people in the world:

Those who are motivated by money and titles, and…
Those who are motivated by making a difference in the world.
Almost everyone has both types of motivational styles, but usually one is dominant.


When “money and titles” motivates, hearing about promotions, bonuses, trips, and other incentives excites them.

change ahead

But if they want to “change the world,” they will love stories about how your products improved customer’s lives, the financial freedom experienced by your team members, and how customers and team members have achieved their desires and goals. They love the friendships that are developed and seeing people becoming all they can be.

So, how do you find out which type of person they are?  Get your ASK on!!!  Share AFTER you have asked some questions so you know how to appeal to them.

Ask questions that will reveal what inspires them and how your business can best serve them:

What has been your favorite job and why?
Did they tell you about the job that made a difference in people’s lives? Or did they talk about the fantastic money they made?

What would you do with an extra $500 a month?
If they are clear about what they’d do with $500, they’re likely to be a “money and titles” person. If they’re vague and seem uncomfortable, they are likely to have a “change the world” motivational style.

What is your favorite part about your current job?
This way you can share your business based on how your business can offer them the thing they most enjoy in their current job.

If you could change one thing about your current employment, what would it be?
This let’s you know what their motivation style is and what aspects of your business you should share with them first.

Now it’s time to share the opportunity. If their motivation matches yours, share your own story. If it doesn’t, file some stories in your memory to share about other successful people in your company who are inspired by the same things your recruit is.

Recruiting or finding new team members is all about building relationships.  It is about asking questions to find out their interests, motivational style, and employment situation.  When you spend more time talking about them than about yourself, you will understand what inspires them, and you’ll double your team building efforts.

Have  a ThirtyOne-derful day!