Hope Wissel

Stress Free Travel

I LOVE when I find testimonials from other bloggers about Thirty One’s products.  Here is part of “The Joyful Organizers” blog about travel products.  You can read the full blog HERE!

Please note I received samples of some of these products in order to be able to write these reviews. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

The summer travel months are here! I wanted to help you have stress free travels this year, regardless if they are road trips or flights around the world. Here are a few of my favorites:

You may have heard of Thirty One Gifts. They offer an entire line of luggage, accessories, travel items and even baby gear that is as fashionable as it is functional. I was able to try out a few of their products. I guarantee this will keep your trips organized, your car in good order and you’ll love looking at them.

Their Pack n’ Pull Caddy is perfect for busy days in the car, at the park or traveling around a city. It’s divided up into two compartments and had stable sides and a bottom. You can place lots of things into it without fear they will get jostled around. There is a special pocket with a pull through slot for dryer sheets, baby wipes or tissues. There is a velcro tab inside to hold trash bags as well. This container attaches to a head rest in the car too! It’s durable and attractive. It’s awesome to leave by the door and throughout the day or evening, put everything you need for the next day into it. (Mail, drinks, baby supplies, snacks, chargers, and more) and then bring it to the car in the morning. It’s also awesome for creating a mobile office for those on the go!


Need to gather up all those snacks and toys and games while traveling with your kids? The Flip-Top Organizing bin is a perfect fit. It fits a lot of items that traditionally end up all over the backseat and you can buckle it in so it doesn’t slide around. I particularly love the side mesh pockets-perfect for little hands to access crayons or snacks. The best part? It’s that the top comes off and can be used as an easily cleanable lap desk! Snack, game or draw on it and then put it back on the bin! How awesome is that?


What is YOUR favorite Thirty One product to travel with?  Post a picture with YOUR favorite product for a chance to win a ThirtyOne-derful gift!