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SMART Shopping


The warmer weather is finally here and it is time to pull out the spring/summer clothes.  I know you are wondering what does that have to do with SMART shopping right?  SMART shopping is actually not about finding the cheapest clothes or the best deal.  The truth is it a way to STOP the impulsive shopping so that we don’t have a closet full of “nothing to wear”.  Now, we all want to spruce up our wardrobes from last year, right?

Here are 5 simple steps that I found in a blog that makes sense and will let you do it without the “nothing to wear” syndrome.

S: Start with your Shape.


I am so tired of having my shape compared to food, aren’t you?  So let’s try this one.  Once you understand your body type, you will be able to shop for essential items that fit and flatter you. Knowing what works for your body helps you channel your efforts and save time.

M: Make a list.


Start with the items you know are missing from your wardrobe. This is an especially useful step after a closet overhaul, when you are better able to identify the gaps in your closet, and the new trends you want to add to your wardrobe.  I carry the list in my wallet so that I am always ready, just in case I run into a GREAT deal!

A: Avoid an unplanned splurge.


If it’s not on your list but you see it, love it, and absolutely positively have to have it, then put it on hold until the next day. If you still want it, go for it.  This step is SO HARD for me.  I am the proverbial impulse shopper.

R: Repeat the piece 3 ways.

Before purchasing an item, make sure that you can wear it 3 different ways.  If it doesn’t work with your wardrobe, it needs to go back.  Since I am a jeans girl, there may not be 3 ways but I am starting to think – casual, business casual and dressy.  Can’t wait to try this one out!

T: Tags stay on until worn.


We are all in a hurry to wear the newest, cutest items in our closets, so if it’s still hanging there weeks later, unworn (and it’s in season), return it!  I started doing this and I keep the receipt.  Of course if I shop at Kohl’s and use my charge, I don’t need the receipt.  This way I get credit for what I paid instead of the current selling price.

So, who is ready to do some clothes shopping?  Be sure you are SMART!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!