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Summer Party Style

I am not sure if the “writer’s block” is lifted but I am starting to get some ideas….

This past weekend was full of Thirty One parties, all in the non-traditional party format.  When people think of “parties” and “direct sales”, they think of the traditional home party.  I don’t know about you but I visual this:


You remember them right… Okay, so maybe I am showing my age here but this was reminiscent of the old time Tupperware party.

Why FB parties Saturday night was a Facebook party.. all the new rage.  Everyone (okay, almost everyone) is on Facebook and a part of social media.  This is how we connect with people all over the world – old friends, family, business colleagues, etc.  What better way to have a party then to be at home or on the road and still enjoy the party.  Then if you can’t join us live, you can go back and check out the party when it is convenient for you.

Karen 31B  Sunday was a “pool party” Thirty One style – kids in the pool, adult drinks in cooler, snacks, friends and Thirty One – perfect mix. We set this up as an Open House complete with paper invites, Facebook event and invites as well as an online party.  Everything was set-up and people played with bags, viewed the catalog and ordered.  To me a successful party is not just about the size of the party but it is also about booking future parties.  Sunday was a hit with sales that made the hostess happy AND at least 2 definite parties, 1 potential party and 1 potential fundraiser.

trunk party A trunk party is something that I have been offering for awhile and has proven successful for several hostess.  Basically, I park the car in a parking lot or at a field, open the trunk and instant party!  This is a great way to  have an office party outside during your lunch break.  Attend a lot of sporting events for the kids in the summer – why to try this type of party.

What is YOUR Summer party style?  Match your direct sales party to YOUR hostess.  What works for them?  What better way to provide excellent customer service then to know what time of party fits into your hostess life?

Want to hear more about any of these – email at or check out my VIP Customer group at Hope’s Purse Closet and join in the fun.

Hope Wissel

Let’s Get Ready for Summer Fun

Happy Saturday!  I know the past week has had flashbacks of winter but the SUMMER will arrive before we know it.  At least, I hope it will.  I am definitely a warm weather person…Last week, I gave you a sneak peak of Summer Thirty One Style.

The summer got even more exciting for our Hostesses… check out one of the NEW Hostess Exclusives.


Not only do you get an AWESOME backpack but you also get a mini cross body (TWO bags for the price of ONE).  Yes, you can only get this if you are a hostess.  NO, I am not selling mine.

Then for those who LOVED the Making Memories Thermal…. it is making a comeback in the month of May.  Did you miss out and have been hoping for its return?  It is HERE but this is for hostesses only.

Making memories - may Hostess

This Making Memories Thermal was one of our most popular Hostess Exclusives.  You won’t want to miss out on this one.  Yes, I have one that you can see.  No, I am not selling it.  It is my travel buddy on road trips and will be a BIG help as we head to National Conference in Columbus this July.  Hold a party in May and if it is over $600, I will give you THIS Hostess Exclusive for FREE!

Don’t you want to be the first to show off the NEW Summer catalog to your friends? I have a few HOT dates left in May but they are filling up fast.  Make a list of all of those upcoming events – Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Graduation, First Holy Communion, Baptisms, etc – place your order now so that you don’t have to stress about what to get.  We have gifts for everyone on your list.

Don’t want the fuss of a home party?  Don’t have enough hours in the day?  How about an “alternate party” idea, like”

  • Facebook – everyone is home with their glass of wine & signs on to your FB event.  We have a virtual party and you reap all of the benefits.
  • Catalog – I will provide you with everything you need to have at least a $500 party.  No cleaning the house.  No worrying about food prep.  Just share the catalog with friends and family, gather orders and YOU are a WINNER.
  • Trunk Party – Do you spend countless hours at the fields while your kids are in sports?  Why not schedule a date and time to share Thirty One with the other team moms (and dads)?  I will set-up in my trunk, display some products and together we will help you reach at least a $500 party.
  • Fundraiser – There are several options here for your favorite sports team, your church, your organization, or a favorite cause.  We even do Fundraising with a Twist to help those parents who are struggling with paying for their child’s extra activities.  I know how costly they can be.

So along with my sneak peaks for the Summer, you got my commercial for having a SUMMER party.  I LOVE to party Thirty One style and share all that is NEW in the catalog.  I love the chance to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD my customers and hostesses.  Check out my private Facebook Group for specials, deals, etc.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!