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What’s Your PR Strategy?

When we talk about PR, what is the first thing you think about?  By definition, “public relations” is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.  
For most in direct sales, we figure we are our company, right?  If someone knows the product, they know we sell it – done!  The truth is good PR will help you develop and grow relationships, being known as the “tops in your field”, and land on your feet quickly should you ever find yourself out of work (or your direct sales company closing their doors)..
It’s not about being a pushy sales person, it’s about being a person who people trust.  People buy from those they respect, trust and know.  It’s about people knowing YOU, what your stand for and who you are NOT just about the products you sell..


1. All PR is not good PR.

I know can you believe it!  I used to think as long as people were taking about me, good or bad, it was okay.  For celebrities, it might work.  I mean they get book deals and new TV shows, but it rarely works in the real world (our world).  Drama does not make for good business.   Not sure about something,  stay quiet until you get your facts straight. Be intentional about the image you present. Protect it. Polish it. Then, present it.

2. Communicate your wins consistently.

Businesses put out press releases. We should too. This is on my “to do” list for this fiscal year.  You can call them whatever you want BUT you have to communicate!   What better way to recruit new team members or gather customers than by sharing your success.  No, it isn’t bragging if you consistently communicate with people.  When I achieve a goal, I thank my customers because they are the reason I achieved it.   When you work for someone else, you keep them in the loop, right?  It is the same thing for your customers in direct sales.  Let them know how things are going then they never have to wonder if you are still in business.

3. Collaborate and celebrate others.

Being in direct sales, celebrating our accomplishments may feel like shameless self-promotion, right?  Focus on the relationships!  When you celebrate your wins and those of your team,  you are strengthening relationships, and building trust.  Did you honestly accomplish your goal on your own?  Chances are NO!  So build those connections which will help you to reach your goals, quickly and easily with the help of those around you.

4. Stay positive and share your business tips.

In direct sales, we want our communication to be intentional – sharing our progress and ideas.  The key is for others to know what you do is duplicatable.  I tell everyone my business is an open book.  Want to know something – ASK!  I don’t share gossip about others and I definitely will not be the one complaining online about the company I represent when I get frustrated. Stay positive on the outside even if you are fuming on the inside.  There is no better way to kill your business then by complaining about a problem to others.

5. Be kind. Be bold.

Nice is bland and often not even authentic.  Instead, focus on being kind and gracious to people. Tell the truth, but in a gentle and loving way when you tell it. Being arrogant, disrespectful, or obnoxious to get your point across could eventually cause you to lose customers and team members.  One of the top strengths of a good leader is love and compassion. To stand out, be bold in your own unique way. Leaders know when to take a stand instead of following the crowd.  The result will be,  soon the crowd—and the opportunities—will be following you.

What will your PR campaign look like during the next few months?  Share your ideas with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Social Media

Social Media can help a business or for an “addictive personality” it can put the kabash on what was starting out to be a productive day….okay, so maybe it is not a great beginning to a blog but so true in my life.

An article in Direct Sales Education Foundation last year called “How to Manage Your Time on Social Media” has some great tips for things to help you run an effective social media presence.  You can click the link to get the details but here are some of the tips in a nutshell:
  1. Start from the results you want
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Go Mobile
  4. Avoid spreading yourself too thin (You mean I can get thin by Facebooking or Tweeting?)
  5. Stay focused
These are all great tips that I am sure work well for the average person.  I on the other hand can easily loose myself in Facebook reading everyone’s comments, likes, etc.  So for the “addictive personality”, here are some tips that I am trying to manage my time and become more productive while still incorporating social media into my business…
  1. When I am in my office for “office hours” – I have a picture of a security camera that makes me think others are watching.  It helps me focus on work and tackling that to do list.  
  2. I write my blog first thing in the AM, this way I don’t get sided tracked.  Yes, blogging has become an every morning thing that I absolutely love.  Thank you Vanessa Coppes   
  3. I am changing the “news feed” to the people and things that I want to hear about daily.  No, I don’t want to hear about every meal or little detail of your life so I will check in with those people when I have time.  Less is sometimes better.
  4. When I am ready to spend time on Facebook, I limit it to a certain about of time – usually AFTER I have finished my to do list.  This is how I stay focused.  
Yes, these are basic but sometimes I have to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Social media has helped my business by helping me to build relationships with customers, friends and family across the country.  Sharing tips, new products and even blogging about my life (who would have thought some one would want to read about it) has helped to build those connections.

If you are not using social media in your business, you should for so many reasons.  Conquer the fear (for the techno challenged) and meet your customers where they are hanging out.  

Do you have any great tips for managing time on social media?  How do you use social media in your business?  I would love to share your comments with others.  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!