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Habits for Successful People


It is Monday….following a wet and dreary weekend as we brace for the impending hurricane.  Did you get everything done you wanted to do this weekend?  How many things did you scratch off your to do list?

Whether you have your own business, work a JOB or a mom managing a household – we all want to be successful.  Our definition of success may be different but that is our goal.  Did you know that  successful people are successful because they have taken little things and built them into habits?

Here are some things that successful people do:

First, they plan.  I don’t mean an endless to-do list because let’s be honest, that really isn’t a plan.  Before falling into bed or sometimes as soon as they wake up – before the craziness of the day takes over – they determine THREE things they want to get done.  They are the things that they will set out to accomplish no matter what.  What would your 3 things be?


Next, they focus.  I know we have all be under the misconception that multi-tasking is good. Guess what?  That is far from true.  If you want to be successful especially in completing your 3 priorities each day, you have to focus.  I always used to say “I am great at multitasking” but when I look back, things always got half done.  It would have been so much easier if I just focused on one thing at a time.  Be in the moment instead of figuring out what else needs to be done or planning out the next thing to cross off the to do list.

Successful people read.  I can hear the groans around the world at this one.  Who has time to read, right?  I am guilty of saying it so I totally get it.  Let’s start with finding just 15 minutes in our day and add reading to our habits.  Why is this so important?  It forces you to focus – stepping away from what you are doing.  How many times when you read do you get new ideas and I don’t mean adding to the to do list.  Now that books are on audio, you can listen to a book while driving.  This is great for those “mom-taxis” who spend countless hours shuttling kids. Or maybe it is a long commute to work.

Successful people unplug.  They spend time with family and friends doing fun things, in other words leisure activities.  When was the last time that you “unplugged”?  Maybe it was gathering friends together for some coffee (or wine or lunch).  Maybe it was just playing with the kids.  Maybe it was turning off your electronics for a few hours.  Yes, I did go there!  When work is demanding, “unplugging” for successful people is there even if  only in small bites.

Take a minute and think of TWO people that you know well and consider to be successful.  What do you see them do all of the time?  They don’t have to be big things, but they need to consistently do them.  Make a list of those things and see if any of those things will work for you.  Don’t discount them BEFORE you even try them.  Give them an honest try FIRST.  Remember that it takes 21 days to make a habit!

Wishing a successful and ThirtyOne-derful week!

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Hope Wissel, Unclutter Your Life


why unplug

When was the last time that you totally UNPLUGGED from technology?  I know that may be scary to some and I thought it was totally impossible.  I mean I have my own business, I rely on social media and technology for a large portion of it.  What happens if……?

A million reasons run through your mind as to why you should NOT unplug, right?  What did we do BEFORE technology took over our lives.  I used to call people until I got someone on the phone or if they had a machine, I left a voice mail.  The truth is business survived and thrived, right?


The last time that I totally unplugged was on our cruise in 2011.  By totally, I mean no cell phone or internet.  No communication with anyone that was not on the trip.  After the first 24 hours (the roughest), I actually didn’t think about technology.  I was enjoying building relationships with people face to face.

Although I haven’t unplugged completely in a long time, I have changed the way that I look at technology and its effect on my life.


So what’s the effect of technology on your life?  I bet A LOT of the requests for your time, your money, and your energy come to you digitally, right?  Probably mostly via email as well as messages on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites.  And it is stressing you out. It’s distracting. And worst of all you suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  I know that I am not alone in this.  I have told my team and others in direct sales “there is no PURSE (substitute your product) emergency”.  So I finally took my own advice.

Yes, I used to check email in the middle of networking meetings; while stopped at red lights; in the middle of dinner with my family; and as soon as my eyes popped open in the morning.  I used to hate to have any notifications showing on my phone.

I was afraid. Afraid of missing out: on booking a party or the next big potential customer or potential team member; or maybe someone on my team had a question. I was afraid of just not being “in the know” or worse yet, them going elsewhere. Crazy, right?

Here are some tips for unplugging and re-claiming your life.  Honestly, who would want to join our direct sales business if we are always accessible?  Is there really a “purse emergency”?


I have removed all notifications from my phone – the apps are still there but the only notifications that I get are text messages.  My family does a lot of texting so it is a good way to connect with them long distance.  I start my morning with devotions and coffee – social media comes later.  I don’t even have multiple tabs open on my computer when I am working so I only check email periodically along with Facebook.  I actually am more productive.

What will you do to #UNPLUG?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel, Unclutter Your Life

Lying to Yourself

I can’t believe that we are half way through the month of December.  Is it just me or once Thanksgiving passes does it seem like time flies to the New Year? I have been working on getting organized with the help of  “Your Organized Guide“.  I get an email every day with tips on how to get organized.  Okay, so some of them I have read and filed thinking – I will get to that one later.  Or better yet, I don’t need to work on that – it doesn’t apply to me.

BAM!  Then I get one called “the lies we tell ourselves”.  I never really thought about it but here is some of the lies, see which ones you tell:

  1. I’ll remember (the appointment, time, address, verbal commitment)
  2. Someone will see how good I am and will choose me
  3. I don’t know how (this is the one where I often get stuck)
  4. I’ll get back to that later
  5. I don’t have time
  6. They won’t notice if I don’t… (fulfill my promise, arrive on time, etc.)
  7. I’ll catch up later
  8. I can’t unplug – I’ll miss out on something (the next thing, etc.)
  9. I could never do that
  10. It’s easier to do it myself
  11. I can have it all, know it all, keep it all, eat it all, do it all

Well, I can admit (or am willing to admit) to #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 8, 10 and maybe even #11.  WOW!  It was a reality check for me.  I never thought that these lies have roots in fear and lack of, grasping and struggle or just letting ourselves off the hook (you know the Victim thing).  How about you?  Did you find at least one on that list that is you?

Does this really have something to do with being organized, focused, and successful? Believe it or not, it does.

As we gather up our power (personal power, will power, Big Powerful Vision for our businesses and lives), we can get shit done. Seriously.

Until then, we’re passive instead of active. Timid instead of bold. Afraid instead of powerful.

So, for the next few days, I am going to see if I can catch myself in a lie to myself.  Then I am going to PAUSE, hit the RESET button and shine some truth instead.  My goal is to be more focused, grounded and organized.

Who is ready to join me?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Good Morning! It is Saturday on a LONG holiday weekend and where is YOUR phone?  I have to admit that mine will be sitting by my side.

Hubby said yesterday, you need a “phone-less” vacation!  I was surprised because I thought I did really good when we were in North Carolina.  I didn’t check the phone as much as I usually do and I actually out it away so that I couldn’t hear it ring.  MAJOR steps, right?  The truth is the ONLY time that I have been totally “unplugged” from everything (cell phone, computer, tablet) was when we were on a cruise.  It is an automatic switch when I get on the ship, it goes off and it doesn’t come back on until we reach the car on our drive home.  I know a week worth of emails and messages can make your head spin but the truth is, I need that once in awhile.

I came across a great blog from “Chapter Friday” that talked about this exact thing.  There are few of the small steps I may try since a cruise is probably a year off…

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Start with 12 hours of disconnection you’ll feel restless at first, but getting used to being phone free times time.  I am asleep for about 7 hours does that count?  How about the 8 hour shifts at WaWA where I only check my phone on my half hour break?

2. Throw a phone free dinner party see the engagement and proper listening increase, oh and no photo’s of food.  Dinner is a no brainer for me.  I don’t do the phone at dinner, especially on the nights that hubby is off.

3. Go out in nature and connect to the real world.  Now that the weather is nice, this is a whole lot easier to do.  I need to go for a walk.

4. Set a phone curfew switch off phones after 8PM and have a relaxing night.  Okay, so this may be a little bit tougher but I am willing to try it.  The problem is when I switch off the phone, the iPad is close at hand to check emails and Facebook.  How do you totally unplug?

5. Grab a magazine and a coffee and go soak up some sun by yourself!  This sounds great in theory but my books are on my iPad which then keeps me connected to the internet if I am close to the house.  UGH!  Give me an old fashioned book and let me start reading.

So, be honest… how many times a day do YOU check your phone?  I gave up counting but I am willing to try at least a few of Chapter Friday’s suggestions.  Are you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!