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The Benefit of Board Games

We live in a world controlled by the signal on our phone and if WIFI is available.  I know it sounds crazy but the truth is what happens when we can’t get a signal on our phone?  Or what happens when the internet goes down?  Is there sheer panic in the house?  Do your kids begin to complain there is nothing to do?  Do you panic trying to figure out how to entertain not only your children but yourself without the internet.13466261_1072249162814235_5737085668642488373_n

When Belinda was younger, we played board games.  I may have dreaded the never ending Junior Monopoly.  Then there was Hungry Hungry Hippos. Rummekube was a hit too.  We also played card games like Skippo and Uno. The truth is it was fun.   13310591_1062006360505182_3337841790709831875_n

Board games (and card games) are great at any age and provide a lot of fun and laughter, but there are also many other benefits that you may not realize.

#1 – Teaches problem-solving

Board games provide a lot of opportunities to practice problem-solving.  Kids are always thinking about their next move and how they can keep you from winning the game.

#2 Encourages teamwork

There are a few games where you have to work together. Hi Ho Cherry O is one of the first ones with a team aspect to the game. Even when the games which don’t call for teams you can pair an older child with a younger to “help” during a game which may be too advanced.5197pt1mh8l-_sl75_

#3 Teaches children to follow directions

Learning to follow directions is a biggie when it comes to board games. Kids need to learn to take the time to understand and follow the rules so there isn’t complete chaos. This also provides some teaching moments when a rule doesn’t work in your favor but you need to follow it anyway.

#4 Sneaks in some learning

Board games are a great way to sneak some learning into your day without your kids complaining. Even the preschool games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders have some basic skills. Learning to count your moves, match up colors and shapes and even practicing math facts can all be accomplished with games.  Did you know that on Chutes and Ladders good choices are often rewarded with a ladder while the naughty children are the ones going down the chutes.12743976_992100247495794_5472616629628768676_n

Some favorite family game recommendations:
Chutes and Ladders

Does your family do game night? What are some of your favorites?

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