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Instant Energy Boost

Yup it is here again and you lost an hour over the weekend with the time change.  I am always glad for this change because it means longer days with warmer weather on the horizon.

What better topic for today than “instant” energy boosts, right?  I’m not talking about massive amounts of coffee although it may be an option.  It was for me many years ago when I was doing the commute of 4 hours a day round trip…

Here are some natural ways to rev up your day WITHOUT caffeine… and yes, it is possible.

#1 – Inhale Mint

Believe it or not, a whiff of this scent can make you feel more alert.  I don’t mean sniffing a candy mint, I mean the real thing FRESH or peppermint essential oil!  There is research which says it can also enhance your memory.

#2 – Slow Down

“Slow down, you move to fast”.. yes, it is an old song so I am showing my age.  The truth is a low or moderate paced walk can energize you because it sends more oxygen to your brain.

#3 – Balance your B12

Eating a healthy balance of foods could do wonders for your energy level BUT vitamin B12 helps your body turn food into fuel.  The vitamin is found in only animal proteins such as meat, poultry and dairy.  If you are vegan or vegetarian, you may want to take a supplement but check with your doctor first.  I actually had an over abundance of B12 for awhile and it can have negative effects on your body as well.

#4 – Have a Hearty Lunch

Do you have mid-afternoon slumps?  I do and it is usually a result of what I ate for lunch.  Yup, your lunch can make the difference in how you feel in the afternoon.  The key is to have a lunch combo of fiber and protein.  Make sure you pick whole-grain breads and pasta or have a hearty soup, stew or salad.  Pack your own lunch in one of Thirty One’s amazing thermals… try the thermal lunch tote and you can personalize it so no one takes your lunch!


#5 – Just Add Sleep

When I think about sleeping more, I usually think of getting up later  but we should really go to bed earlier.  I know your favorite shows start later at night, right?  The truth is as adults, we need 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night to feel rested and alert.  What is your average?  Here is a trick to help you prep for bed: set an alarm on your phone so you can start winding down for the night.  Once the alarm goes off, put all of your electronic devises AWAY for the rest of the night.  I have been trying to do this a half hour before bed and it seems to help.  Tough but it does work.

#6 – Find Fresh Air

Feeling tired?  Take a break and go outdoors.  Being outside for about 20 minutes may be enough time to shrug off the sleepy slump of the day.  Taking a walk may rejuvenate you.

What do you do to gain energy during the day?  Share your best tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

ID Life

Today’s Saturday Spotlight is IDLife.  I first heard about this company at a vendor event before it even launched.  The consultant tried VERY hard to get me to sign up but I am always skeptical about any ground floor opportunities especially those that haven’t launched.  I was just not looking for “healthy” or supplements because I didn’t think that I needed them.

Fast forward to an ETTM workshop where I had the pleasure of meeting Val Ryan.  Val is a Founding Member of IDLife and we started to build a relationship, a friendship. Val didn’t try to sell me.  My hubby by this time was spending hours researching vitamin supplements and he had set up a regime that seemed to be working for both of us.

Val asked me to take the online assessment.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was AND that the results of the assessment were the same as what it took hubby hours, days and weeks to research.  Think of the time he could have saved.  LOL.

So, here is a little about IDLife:

For the last 18 years, a group of scientists and doctors have worked on developing a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement program that takes all the guess work out of what your body needs. The result is a truly personalized, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, delivered monthly to your door. Through answers you provide on the IDAssessment, IDNutrition recommends what your body needs, leaves out what you don’t, and blocks things known to the system to have a negative effect.

Vitamins are taken in AM / PM doses, so that the proper nutrient is delivered to your body at the right time of the day, for best absorption. And costs stay down as the vitamins are packed in strip packs rather than having to manufacture expensive plastic bottles.  Such a great idea for those that travel.

IDLife does not make any medical claims but many people have shared testimonials of increased energy and mental clarity, as well as  just overall feeling better. There have been some dramatic results reported as well since people have been on IDNutrition – they have gone off blood pressure medication, their migraines have lessened or have completely subsided, and some diabetics have either lowered or stopped their insulin use.

IDLife has another popular product too called Sleep Strips which are:

mint flavored, natural & organic sleep aid that incorporates a tri–phasic approach to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and most importantly, keeping you in a deep sleep, all while waking up rested and refreshed the following morning. People have reported that they have walked away from prescription medication sleep aids all together and love the fact that they do not wake up in a fog the next morning.

All IDLife products are natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten/soy/casein free. Take your free, HIPAA compliant health assessment today at www.IDLifeJersey.com for your own customized nutritional recommendation.

For more information, email Valerie Ryan at IDLifeJersey@gmail.com.

If you are interested in having YOUR business in our Saturday Spotlight, complete the form below:

I have not been paid to endorse any of these products or businesses.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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