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Is Voice Mail the Key To Success

I have a few vendor events coming up in the next 2 weeks and I want to make sure that I make the most of my follow-up.  I mean we hear it all of the time “the $$$ is in the follow-up”.  So, you collected all of those names and they checked that they were interested in a party or the business opportunity, now what?  I added a question on my form that asks “your preference for contact: phone, email, text” so at least they know that you will be reaching out to them one of those ways.

What happens when you call and need to leave a voice mail message.  For me, that happens more often than I can count.  Sometimes I just want to make sure that they received their product and were happy with it.  No other motive than to provide good customer service EXCEPT they think “UGH! she is going to ask me to book a party”.  I mean don’t we think that when we hear from other direct sellers.  Let’s be honest!

How often do your voicemail messages get results?  I mean do people really call you back?  Okay, so maybe if they have a problem, they do but how often do they call you back just to let you know that everything was okay?  Are we supposed to be mind readers?  Is the theory, if I don’t call her back, she will know that everything is okay and I am happy with my purchase?


I have visions of people hitting DELETE instead of CALL BACK… According to the experts “to be successful in the direct sales business you need to leave powerful voicemail messages that will result in a return call.”  So how do you do that, right?  Here are some tips from DSWA on the 5 Keys to leaving a voicemail message:

Be positive.  Even though the person receiving the voicemail can’t see you as you are speaking, make sure you smile. They will hear the smile in your voice.

Be creative. This one stumps me all of the time.  What is a boring message?  How exactly are you creative so your message will be set you apart from the other messages. The beginning of your message is the most important. You should be witty and interesting. You should give a few teasers before your finish.  

Keep it short and simple. A good rule of them is that the message should be between 30 and 45 seconds. You can pack key pieces of information into that timeframe. Hit one or two important points during your message.  This one I can do but  the creative part is what stumps me.

Create a sense of urgency.  When I am calling a person to book a party, I am responding to their request and the fact that my calendar is quickly filling up.  My event dates are limited to 10 per month (on an average) so I want them to  know that the window of time may be closing.

Be confident. Don’t hesitate, pause or repeat. Don’t stumble over your words. Okay, so this is where I blow it.  How about you?  I always stumble over my words even with a script because I try to wing it or make it my own.  WRONG!  I need to practice more so that I can sound confident.  The more confident you sound, the more likely your home business will be successful.  I LOVE that line!!!

Goal for TODAY – write a script and practice.  Then pick up the phone and call!  Although my business is busy, I want to make sure that I keep the momentum going.  What tip helped you the most?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!