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Big Money, Little Money

It is Friday… TGIF.  For me and many in the direct sales, this is when we start working – vendor events, home parties, catalog parties, and recruiting.

I saw a new recruiting game in an email from Party Plan Divas that I think would be GREAT!  I can’t wait to try this at one of my parties especially when there are some ladies sitting on the fence.

It is called Big Money, Little Money.  Here is how it works:

Have two volunteers come up. Explain that both of these ladies are wonderful, but that they could use a little extra money each month. Ask them if they would like more money. They usually say “yes”

Ask the first one what her favorite place to shop is. Whatever she answers, say that she has just got a part time job there. Her new schedule is (pick 3 days and stick with it). The second lady is going to be a brand NEW _____________ consultant on my team. Yay!

I am so excited, are you excited??? They say “yes” The first lady goes to work and she likes her job. Tonight she works 4 hours and earns $10 an hour. So she earns $40. Reach for some play money.

 Ask the second lady when she would like to work this week. She has a party and earns (whatever your company average is). Give her huge, laminated bills!  

So now it is payday, the first lady gets her check. She loses 25% (about $10) immediately to taxes. She buys items from her store and brings home the rest.

At the end of the week, the second lady (the new consultant) has (insert the average here). Now, she has tax obligations, too, but she also has new deductions that she can take for owning her own business.

Ask both ladies to hold up their earnings to the group and ask, “Who made the BIG money?” Then just sum up with, “let me know if you or someone you know might like a bit of BIG money in their lives!”

So what do you think?  It is an easy way to show the benefits of being in direct sales.  I have to admit that my favorite and most successful recruiting tool especially for hostesses is to “flip” their party into their launch party.  It requires you to bulk up your calendar because if they do flip, any parties that are a result of their launch party becomes their party. A risk that I am usually willing to take to grow my team and share the gift of Thirty One.

Who is willing to try it this weekend and let us know how it goes?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!