Clear the Clutter

Do You Have a Command Center? 


Happy Monday!  For many it is a holiday, off from work for President’s Day along with the kids.

Quick question, have you ever wished for one central spot to keep the kids and you organized?  I mean besides the pile on the kitchen counter or table when the kids unpack their bags from school?  Maybe you have a basket where everything gets dropped?

If you are like me, usually something gets lost in the “pile”.  Or something never makes it to the pile so it never gets done.  What if you had one spot for everything?30-days-to-an-organized-life-create-a-simple-control-center-the-peaceful-mom

Does your refrigerator look like this?  Notes and lists everywhere.  Mine isn’t this neat and as a result, you guessed it, things get lost.

As women, we need to fulfill many roles and take care of many responsibilities in our families.  Everyone looks to us to keep them on track.

A Control Center is the communication center for your family where you keep track of all activities, as well as the plan for managing your household. It is in one central location so everyone knows the plan.  Each control center may be different BUT the common elements are:

Calendar:  to keep track of appointments, doctor’s appointments, music lessons, sports practices/games and family social events.  We have one on the fridge but the information never seems to make it past my planner or the calendar on our phones.

Meal Plan – A weekly meal plan will not only help you get dinner on the table but will save you time and money as well.  Since it is just hubby and I, there is not meal plan.  LOL.  I cook on Monday and Tuesday for the week for him and freeze.  A meal plan allows the kids to pitch in and help to get things ready.tpm-weekly-menu-planner-v-400x516-jpg

Grocery List – Keep a grocery list on your fridge so you can mark when you are about to run out of items.  We use a wipe board and add to it as needed which is a HUGE help when it comes time to grocery shop.


Kid Plan – Chore charts and lists with morning, afternoon and evening routines will help to keep kids on track.

Household To Do List – Keep a list of home projects to be done such as seasonal cleaning and repairs.  13707710_1089930014379483_9067719231614975101_n

This is also a good spot for Emergency information for babysitters.  A list of phone numbers for neighbors is good to in case your children need to call them.

The Oh Snap Pockets by Thirty One are perfect for kids papers or to keep forms handy.  They can be personalized for tasks or for individuals OR you the chalk front which is easily wipeable to change as needed.  The Oh Snap Bins are great for keys or your cell phone.

The key to a successful system is to keep it as simple as possible.  Too many steps or ‘over-organizing’ can be a waste time.  Choose your most basic, essential needs and skip unnecessary elements.15978018_10155552665707908_3547647048080751605_n

Not a lot of space, how about the NEW Hang-It Pocket Organizer.  Get organized in the mudroom, office or playroom with this five-pocket organizer.  It can be tied on a door or hung on the wall. Extra-roomy pockets are great for craft supplies, file folders or even kids’ toys. Pair it with our Wall Together collection for the ultimate wall storage solution!

Printables are courtesy of The Peaceful Mom.  Be sure to check out her blog for more tips, tricks and printables.

My essentials in our control center is a calendar and the grocery list.   Choose what works for you.  What would you include?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Clear the Clutter

Organizing Tips


Is this how you feel when you think about organizing your house?  It can be overwhelming. How many times have you bought products you thought would work only to find out, the didn’t.  So, they sit in a closet mocking you.  I know, I have been there.

Here are a few simple tips to help you out…

4153597A0000Keep one basket per person in your mudroom or at the front entrance, so everyone knows where to drop off/find their personal on-the-go essentials like keys, bags, homework etc.

3794598aDo a card run – birthdays, holidays, new baby etc. – once a year and store cards in a file tote.  Thirty One offers the Celebrate Card Set for $1 per card.  Always have a card at your fingertips for the holidays, birthdays and more!

5_ice-cube-tray-storageUse ice cube trays to hold jewelry.  They can also be used for clips, erasers and other desk-drawer essentials.  A great deal at the dollar store.

blog_2012_01_24_0396 Don’t know what to do with the bread clips…Use them to label what each cord in a power bar.

6c I LOVE dry erase boards.  I keep one on the refrigerator to track the items we need at the grocery store.  I also have one in my office to note supplies which need replenishing.  Another great dollar store find!

unknown So much easier than trying to fold fitted sheets and keep everything together.

4e05b1b28a9f6fc0c9de9b9a9359283f No matter how big or small your closet it, a well-lit wardrobe is easier to keep organized. Find one which will fit your needs and your space.

8553569A0000  Buy a framed cork board or picture board to hang it in the kitchen and pin up favourite recipes, clipped from magazines.  Thirty One’s Wall Together PinBoard is perfect for this and can be personalized.

What are some of YOUR best tips for organizing on a shoe string?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!