Hope Wissel

Saturday Spotlight: Pink Zebra

Happy Saturday!!!  I used to be a candle burner but I never felt like I could smell the candles throughout the house or even in the “open” living room area.  I got an electric warmer and have tried endless ways to increase the clean fresh smell in the same space.  I stumbled across Pink Zebra (lovingly called PZ) and fell in love.  I was able to create my own scent combinations for each room.  My warmer in the bedroom focuses on relaxation.  The warmer in the living room is more a clean fresh scent.  Then you go down to the “office area” and you will find a clean scent with the help of the naked reeds and some soaks.

Lori and I connected from the start.  It could be the fact she used to be a “crazy bag lady” but then found her passion with PZ.  Here is her story…

My name is Lori Sharkey, Independent Consultant/Executive Manager with Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra is an amazing company offering a fun twist on home fragrance and décor. I’ve been a part of the company since 2013, and can go on for pages about each of our products!

Our flagship product, Sprinkles, are scented soy pieces you can use in our fun, decorative warmers. But, the best part, or most innovative fact about our Sprinkles is they can be mixed and matched to create a completely custom fragrance unique to you and your space. That’s kind of what we’re about: making things, “uniquely yours.”

Sprinkles can be used in our line of Simmer Pots, my personal FAVORITE, and in our Simmering Lights! Again, helping you create something custom and unique to you, Simmering Lights allow you to add a decorative Shade. There’s something beautiful for everyone to enjoy in your home spaces!

In addition to Sprinkles, we have a line of Soaks! Soaks are scented liquids you can use on any of our products from Naked Reeds to our own line of “soakable,” jewelry! It is so much fun! Soaks also allow you to take your fragrance “on-the-go,” with Go-Cards or Clip-It’s to use in your car along with Hang-It’s and Woolies for spaces like your work desk or other small spaces. There truly are so many options!

My favorite part of what I do is watching people take a whiff of any of our 55+ fragrances and recreating a fond memory. Science has shown us scents can bring us back to a place we loved as a child, influence our mood, and even help us focus and work performance so I’d love a chance to help you find the perfect fragrance for you!

Be sure to check Lori out on Facebook at PZ with Lori or on her PZ website to see all of the amazing products.  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!