Hope Wissel

East West or North South


Happy Friday…. are you doing the “happy dance”?  I am for so many reasons. Does today’s title make you curious?  I will be honest, I don’t have much of a sense of direction anymore.  I’m sure my daughter would say I never did but there was a time when I could navigate my way any place I wanted to go.

Well, today is really about your purse selection.  Yes, purses come in East-West and North-South.  Think about it…


Look at the current bag you are carrying and you will be able to tell what kind of girl you are.  Yes, the shape of your bag will tell you.  Believe it or not, it will tell me a lot about which Thirty One products you will like.

Let’s take two of our most popular bags…the Zip Top Organizing tote (bottom right corner) and the Tall Organizing Tote (in the middle). Do you know the difference between them?  Yes, they are different prints,  Yes, they are different styles.  Yes, they have different skus.  But the real difference is their direction.  Yes, I said direction.

Is the shape of your current bag – tall or wide?  For me, my go to is the Around Town Tote – yup, it it a North South bag.  I use a variety of bags but I find I am drawn to the North South bags.2226b73d1da9d1f4b004fa8877cba731

Which do you prefer?

If you (or your customer) doesn’t love a certain style, show her another style.  I actually tried this out and found I was showing them the wrong bag.  I showed a  North-South bag and she was an East-West kind of gal! Now, I ask what kind of bag they like BEFORE I start to show them one.  Or better yet, ask to see the bag they are carrying right now.

The North- South gals are going to LOVE the January customer special.  For just $10 – you will be able to get the Tall Organizing Tote with a $35 purchase. A shout out to all nurses and teachers who are not a huge fan of the Zip Top Organizing Tote. Students love it, moms adore it, and crafters swear by it! 15337615_10208114640560856_6749432495466297696_n

So, what kind of girl are you? North-South or East-West?  Want to see your bag options based on the kind of girl you are, let me know…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!