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The other night I was blessed to host a “better together” meeting for my Thirty One sisters.  I truly am better together when I am with them.  I had a plan along with a Home Office format and despite my best efforts to prepare, the meeting always follows a path of its own.  The information gets covered but in a way that works for those attending.

We talked about the WOW party format – Welcome, Offer Solutions and Wrap Up.  A new approach to the purse game was presented by one of the attendees.  The “purse game” as I know it by Melissa Fietsam can be seen on YouTube.  The game is played as part of your wrap up after you have explained the hostess benefits – preferably via hostess stacking.


The concept is the same – each guest is asked to take a mini purse AND not to open it.  While the guests are picking one of the cute mini purses, the game is explained.  Each person is given a chance to “book to look” which means they can open the mini purse AFTER they have agreed to book a party.  In the original version, the purses contained “book a party, pick a prize or grand prize”.  For me the results were always so-so.  Often people would play and then if they got book a party, they may or may not have gone through with the booking.

In this version, each purse contains a prize – ranging in value from $5 – $40.  This can vary depending on your budget.  Again, in order to open the purse the individual MUST agree to book a party.   After everyone has taken a purse, you then go around the room and ask each person if they would like to book to look.  If they agree to book, they get to open their purse and see their prize.

The prize is received when they hold their own party.  The additional twist which I think will help to cinch the deal is that the hostess is given the same prize when she attends her friend’s party.  GENIUS!  Yes, there is a slight cost to the consultant BUT you are booking a party which has so much more potential.  If it is product, present the actual product at the winner’s party in your welcome as a booking seed. GENUIS!

As for the prizes, as a Thirty One consultant,  prizes can be product from your inventory stash, an extra monthly special, key fobs, magnets, a percent off an item, a free monthly special with a qualifying purchase or personalization.  There would only be 2 prizes at the $40 level – remember that this is value not your actual cost. Be sure  to stock up with unused specials, during a company sale or purchase a hostess grab bag in business supplies.

Not a Thirty One consultant, the BOOK TO LOOK game can be adjusted to fit your business.  I am also going to use this at my next vendor event and on my Facebook parties.  You can use picmonkey to place numbers on the purses for a graphic to be used during Facebook parties.


Purses can be purchased at the dollar store, craft stores like Michaels or online at Express Yourself.  I LOVE the new take on this game because only the people who are interested to book a party will play.

What is your best booking seed game?  Share it with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Marketing

better together

It is Friday and for many of my Thirty One sisters, they are headed to National Conference in Columbus Ohio.  This is  my favorite time of year for so many reasons but the BIGGEST one is that as Thirty One sisters, we are better together.  Together we celebrate our achievements.  Together we encourage each other through the hills and the valleys of our business.  Together we reward each other with hugs and high fives.  Although I have always been a team player, working solo (especially in my grant writing days) seemed to be my favorite mode of working – that is so different now.  I thrive when I am surrounded by the love and support of my Thirty One sisters.  I will be with you in spirit this year as I celebrate, encourage and reward you from a distance.

I started thinking about some other things that are better together like peanut butter & jelly, wine & cheese and sugar & spice.  Then I start thinking about the different ways that we can market our business.  I know a strange transition but it happens that way some times.

For many in direct sales, we have lean business budgets because our goal was to make money when we joined NOT spend it right?  But we need to keep ourselves front and center with our potential customers.  What makes them think of YOU when they are ready to buy?  Is it that they carry your products or use them on a daily basis?


Here are some inexpensive ways to advertise your business when you are out and about:


1. iPad, iPhone or laptop “skin”

I think this is a great idea.  I am always either on my iPhone or my iPad.  My phone currently has a plain cover and doesn’t tell anyone what I do.  My iPad is the same.  I am going to create a skin for my iPad and cell phone, so no one will miss a chance to know what I do.  I mean I usually wear a Thirty One shirt and I ALWAYS am carrying a Thirty One bag but by using my visual brand, what a great conversation starter!


2. Social media

Everyone is on social media – all or some but at least one if they are in business.  There is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which offer space to say who you are and what you do. Then there is Periscope and LinkedIn.  Personally, why not use these platforms as an opportunity to remind your friends and family what you offer?  How about using business images or sayings on your profile headers, add photos of you at work (everyone loves a party), your company logo or a recent company training, instead of a photo of your dog or a pretty sunset.  I think personal things are important too but there should be a 80/20 split on your personal page.  Remember sharing is caring.

3. Social events

Step out of your comfort zone which can mean getting out of your current networking circles. Scary, right?  Find new events where media and decision-makers are mingling which might earn you some free publicity.  Get involved with causes that are near and dear to your hear.


4. Video

This is becoming something that I am more comfortable with the more I do them.  Practice makes perfect, right?  The use of video is growing every minute.  Make them short and to the point.  Think about the videos that you watch and what makes you click them or not.  Have real world videos like your team at work and play, highlight product demonstration or give virtual tours of your office.  Things that would let people get to know you and your company product.  I am doing videos on my Facebook parties and getting a lot of positive feedback.  Thank you to the Tag Team Peeps for their ideas.


In the past, it was sell, sell, sell.  Today, it is more about positioning yourself so that customers think of you when opportunities arise.  What is your best tip for sharing instead of selling?

Have  ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Facebook Party Tag Team Style


Do you know what day it is????  Not only is it hump day but it is also WOOHOO Wednesday.

I wanted to give a shout out to the Tag Team.  No, I am not talking about wrestling – okay be honest, I am not the only one who used to watch WWE with their daughter, right?  No, this Tag Team is a team of party peeps.  Here is their story:

Rachel Perry and Amanda Holland, both previous direct sellers themselves, were frustrated with the lack of communication and personal touch that seemed to happen with traditional catalog parties. So, they took catalog parties to Facebook. After months (and months and months and months…you get the picture) of trial and error, they finally figured out not only the formula to the successful 30 minute Facebook party but also the tools needed to build relationships over social media. Today, the Tag Team trains representatives from over 100 direct sales companies on how to build relationships using various forms of social media while focusing on the tools needed to have successful virtual parties. Their dynamic personalities bring a sense of freshness and excitement to the direct sales industry. During their trainings not only will you get fabulous information but you also are guaranteed to laugh so hard that you might pee your pants.

THE TAG TEAM IS THEIR NAME AND FACEBOOK EVENTS ARE THEIR GAME!!  The Tag Team trains direct sellers and small business owners how to market their product using Facebook events.

  • Virtual catalog parties
  • Virtual Team Training events
  • Business Opportunity presentations
  • One-on-One training
  • Group and Team training
  • Personalized event scripts and images

No, this is not a paid advertisement.  I bought the 30-minute Facebook training.  I started to push it aside when they said “make videos” BUT I decided to step out of my comfort zone.  I spent a few hours making some vides – a Welcome to the Party, two why videos (why you should party with me and my WHY), the top 5 Thirty One products, and then a thank you and the announcement of the winners.  The longest video was the Top 5 products but the rest were an average of 1 – 2 minutes long.  They are rough but I have to admit, I enjoyed making them.  I am excited to make some more and to start “talking” to people via video for Facebook parties as well as through other social media.

I know, you want to know the results, right?  I left the party open for just 24 hours, as recommended, and the result was a $200 party (with some pre-orders).  A $200 party that I wasn’t expecting.  The truth is that was my goal.  Crazy, right?  Well, I did a Door Prize slip via Google (a blog for another day) and those who were attending simply wanted to look and had no intention of buying.  So, a $200 party was pretty good, right for a lot of lookers.

Will I be doing it again?  YES!  I have already put a Summer Retirement Party on the calendar. CLICK to join in the fun on July 9th.  I won’t be relying on Facebook for ALL of my parties because we know the BEST party is a home party, right?  When there are time crunches like summer or vacations or there is just no time in your schedule to book a party – this helps to fill the gap.

So check out my videos and let me know what you think.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Nutritional Cleansing

My Saturday Spotlight has been on products that I personally endorse but today has just a slight twist.  I met Michelle Antonucci Smith because we have a common desire to give back to the community.  She is running a Zumbathon today to help raise funds for a local family and I wanted to help.

smiles for trever

While we were talking, we shared our weight loss journey with each other.  Michelle has been a Zumba instructor for about 4 years. Here is her story:

When I first started teaching I was about 35 lbs. overweight. It bothered me that I was supposed to be setting an example of being healthy and students were coming to my class to get fit and I was overweight. I felt that I should be setting a better example. I decided to try a Nutritional Cleansing Program in September of 2012. It has changed my life in many ways. It’s changed me physically – I lost 35 lbs. It has increased my energy levels tremendously. Finally and most importantly it has given me freedom from Yo Yo Dieting. I have tried every diet plan out there. I have finally learned how to live a healthy lifestyle and no other program has made me feel this good. I am stronger than I have ever been, filled with positive energy, surrounded by uplifting people, and sharing in opportunities I didn’t think were possible. The best part is that I am now part of a team helping so many others reach their fitness and weight loss goals and living a healthier lifestyle. This change is possible for everyone!

The thing that really touched my heart was Michelle’s You Tube video.  During this video she talks about her Dad and her why.  Please make sure that you watch it by clicking HERE

If you want to hear more about Nutritional Cleansing, you can contact Michelle directly on Facebook or via email at msmith251@optonline.net.  Want to attend any of her Zumba classes find her schedule on Zumba.com.  Here are her before and after pictures….


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Are You Sharing Images

I am not a big fan of pictures of ME!  I have gotten better but it has been a process.  The truth is that PHOTOS and VIDEOS are the biggest thing on all forms of social media to be shared.  I think most of us use Facebook – personally and in our business.  Then there is also Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. I am sure that there are other ones but like I said, I am learning… it is a process.  I just wanted to share some tips on what I have learned recently about using social media for my business.

collage of social media

Did you know that on Facebook???  The number one reason why a person unlikes a small business page is because they find the posts boring.  WOW!  I have NEVER “unliked” a business page.  But know I am wondering if people have “unliked” me???

It seems that Instagram is fast becoming an awesome place for entrepreneurs to attract more followers. With a few fun photos, some hashtags you’ve got yourself a visual smorgasboard of people who are interested in what you’re sharing.  I am trying to post here on a regular basis to share the AWESOMENESS of Thirty One.

I love Pinterest!  I do worry about the black hole that I tend to fall into once I get started looking at all of the pictures.  Pinterest will even send you an email with suggested posts and boards in case you don’t get enough.

So what kind of images do you share?

  1. Quote images – Facebook is great for quote images.  Do you want to STAND OUT?  Everyone uses quote images so unless it is AMAZING – it will probably get over looked. 
  2. Title Images – These are images you create when you are sharing an article or blog that you wrote.  I never used pictures in my blog but I found that when I do, people STOP and click on the link.  I always try to tie the photo into the theme of the blog.
  3. Personal Photos –  This could be family photos or a shot of you sitting at your desk working, maybe you’re in the park with your laptop. Or maybe you’ve got a favorite coffee mug you want to share. These are a peek at who you are without being too personal.   These are especially good if you are working on building relationships with potential customers.
  4. Promotional – These should only be about 20% of your posts.  The theory is that social media is about being social and engaging. You don’t want people to think that ALL you do is SELL your products.  I struggle with this because I LOVE Thirty One.  I am always afraid that I am “puking” my business all over everyone.

You have heard that “variety is the spice of life” well that rings true for your images too.  Don’t be boring and constantly post pictures of your cats or always posting stock photos of your products. Post an image with a testimonial and a picture of you with a customer.

By keeping your images a variety so your audience will be intrigued to see what’s next. I try to throw in funny pictures, recipes, or videos.

Don’t be all business all the time and don’t be all personal all the time. Mix it up. Have fun with your images!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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