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The Golden Hours


You have heard about the “golden years”, right?  Maybe you remember the television show by the same name.  Okay, am I showing my age???

Have you ever thought about your GOLDEN HOURS?  According to a recent blog, the golden hours are “your two most productive hours in your day.” According to Angie “they are usually right after you wake up.”   Think about the two hours after you wake up – what are you doing?  What are your first activities?

When I was commuting, I was up, dressed and out the door in about an hour then I spent the next 2 hours in the car driving to work.  Yes, I was one of those crazy commuters.  Not very productive except that by the time I arrived at work, I was on a mission with a list of things to get done.  Now, that I work at home, making my own hours – my first 2 hours are spent doing devotionals, checking emails and writing my blog.  Hmmm??

According to Daniel Ariely, Duke Professor of psychology and behavioral economics and author of the book Predictably Irrational, I am probably squandering away some valuable brain time.  Okay, so writing my blog may not fall into that category and I wouldn’t consider my devotionals in there either but maybe there is a better plan.

The Golden Hours have been called “Beautiful Brain Time”. It’s the best two hours for your most creative, and impactful work.  I have said it many times, my productive hours are usually between 7 – 9AM unfortunately my customers, hostesses and team are usually either sleeping or getting ready for work/school, etc. So, I adjust which is why I do my devotionals and blog in the early morning hours.  By the time the traditional work day starts, between 9 – 10AM, I am ready to go with a second burst of energy. Or maybe it is the coffee talking.

Are  you squandering your Beautiful Brain Time watching the morning news, getting lost in the black hole of Pinterest or Facebook?  How could you change that just a little to create something magnificent, leaning into your edge, or making a lasting impact with your talents on the world?

Figure out your Golden Hours and treat them like…gold.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Hope Wissel, Unclutter Your Life


Most people clean out closets BEFORE Christmas to make room for more stuff or they do the seasonal clean.  I seem to work better when I am doing the annual clean just before the new year.  It clears my head and gets me focused on my goals for the upcoming year.

I have been following Your Organized Guide over the last month and PURGE is their big word.  I love her definition and it is so true:

And purging isn’t just for stuff, although that’s a big piece of it. Purging is also about letting go of the past, forgiving yourself, and even discarding thoughts which no longer serve you.

So, here are some things that I never thought about that I hold on to:

Pictures – So many pictures. Do I need them all? Do I want them all? And more positively, which of these pictures brings me JOY?  I cleaned a lot of the pictures out when we sold the house in South Jersey but I still have a lot of them.  Mostly the ones that do bring me JOY!

Clothes – What is the rule?  If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, get rid of it.  With the change in seasons, I usually do the “if I haven’t worn it in 2 seasons – get rid of it”.  Or what about those “just in case clothes”.  You know the ones that are too small or too big – just in case you lose weight or gain back the weight you lost.

Negative thoughts.  This used to be  HUGE problem for me.  I have found that with the help of a good life coach, I am practicing extreme gratitude and radical compassion for myself.

Saying YES even when I don’t want to.  WOW!  That is the people pleasing side of me.  Come on, be truthful, you do it too, right?  What if we were to choose to spend five uncomfortable minutes now saying NO so that we are not regretting our YES for the next several months.

Office supplies.   I opened a drawer in my office to find WAY more supplies than I really needed.  I tend to shop on impulse especially when there is a sale.  I donated a lot of them before the holidays.  I will also look at how old things are and if they are too old, I will be tossing some into the garbage!

Belinda used to say when I got in “clean mode”, if you aren’t tied down or have a purpose, you get tossed.  It is so true.  I used to be better out when we gathered a lot of stuff in the bigger house but now in the condo I try to keep things simple.

There really are good feelings that come after the initial hyperventilation of actually beginning the purge, freaking out, and thinking, “I can’t do this!”

Purging is a practice – and a good one when it is done thoughtfully, consciously, and from a mindset of love and abundance (I am enough, I have enough).

Go ahead, try it.  Do it and let me know how it feels when you’re done (or let me know why you started and never finished).

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel, Unclutter Your Life

Lying to Yourself

I can’t believe that we are half way through the month of December.  Is it just me or once Thanksgiving passes does it seem like time flies to the New Year? I have been working on getting organized with the help of  “Your Organized Guide“.  I get an email every day with tips on how to get organized.  Okay, so some of them I have read and filed thinking – I will get to that one later.  Or better yet, I don’t need to work on that – it doesn’t apply to me.

BAM!  Then I get one called “the lies we tell ourselves”.  I never really thought about it but here is some of the lies, see which ones you tell:

  1. I’ll remember (the appointment, time, address, verbal commitment)
  2. Someone will see how good I am and will choose me
  3. I don’t know how (this is the one where I often get stuck)
  4. I’ll get back to that later
  5. I don’t have time
  6. They won’t notice if I don’t… (fulfill my promise, arrive on time, etc.)
  7. I’ll catch up later
  8. I can’t unplug – I’ll miss out on something (the next thing, etc.)
  9. I could never do that
  10. It’s easier to do it myself
  11. I can have it all, know it all, keep it all, eat it all, do it all

Well, I can admit (or am willing to admit) to #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 8, 10 and maybe even #11.  WOW!  It was a reality check for me.  I never thought that these lies have roots in fear and lack of, grasping and struggle or just letting ourselves off the hook (you know the Victim thing).  How about you?  Did you find at least one on that list that is you?

Does this really have something to do with being organized, focused, and successful? Believe it or not, it does.

As we gather up our power (personal power, will power, Big Powerful Vision for our businesses and lives), we can get shit done. Seriously.

Until then, we’re passive instead of active. Timid instead of bold. Afraid instead of powerful.

So, for the next few days, I am going to see if I can catch myself in a lie to myself.  Then I am going to PAUSE, hit the RESET button and shine some truth instead.  My goal is to be more focused, grounded and organized.

Who is ready to join me?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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