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How To Be a Remarkable Recruiter

For those in direct sales, we know the best way to build our income AND to make a difference in someone’s life is to share the opportunity.  We call those individuals new to our teams “recruits” so we are in essence “recruiters”.

A term I am not thrilled with.  Why?  The term recruiter by definition is “a person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization.

For years, I would say “I’m not good at recruiting”.  I would play the comparison game with those who grew their teams by leaps and bounds.  By no means would I call myself a remarkable recruiter, at best an average recruiter and most of the time not recruiting at all.  I tend to miss cues of those who may be interested, or not sharing with everyone while asking if they would be interested in the opportunity.  I could blame the MS but the truth is I worried about those I invited to be a part of this pink bubble.  I worried if they would be successful. I worried if they would think I mislead them.  

Then one day, I stopped worrying.  I just shared the difference Thirty One make in my life and things started to happen.  Did all of those who joined, stick and stay?  NO!  But the odds are getting better.  

Here are FIVE habits which make a REMARKABLE recruiter – rate yourself on  a score of 1 – 10 with 10 being ALWAYS to see how you do.  Don’t score yourself on where you WANT to be or be too hard on yourself.  Be honest, this will help you to achieve your business recruiting goals.

  1. Remarkable recruiters work consistently smarter and not harder.  They consistently have parties booked on a monthly basis.  They are sharing their products with EVERYONE they run into whether they know they or not.  
  2. Remarkable recruiters ALWAYS smile.  No matter how bad the party or the day, they always have a smile on their face and a positive thought to share.  Did you know smiling is a reflection of what’s inside of you?  Share the joy you feel about your business with everyone simply by smiling.  I remember a comment a friend made “your face lights up when you talk about Thirty One“.  I am learning to wear the joy all of the time so people are curious why and I can share the blessing given to me.
  3. Remarkable recruiters are active not passive.  They take the lead when someone shows interest in the business.  They get on the PHONE (I know the dreaded 500-pound one) and don’t rely on flyers and emails to recruit new consultants.  
  4. Remarkable recruiters think about what is in it for someone else!  Yes, more recruits mean more money for us.  The key is to focus on how your business will help someone else – make more money to reduce debt, have a vacation, pay for their kid’s activities  etc.  CONNECT with people.  Our business is all about relationship building – go out and BUILD one today.
  5. Remarkable recruiters stay in control of the recruiting process. If a potential recruit says they want to think about it – do you wait for them to call you?  The fortune is in the follow-up.  How about asking them what the TWO things are that keep them from jumping in?  LISTEN to their answer and see if you can overcome those doubts.

Okay, so how did you do?  What were your weaknesses – where you scored yourself below a 5. Now focus on developing those skills.  Habits can be learned so if you are trying to GROW your business – find some training calls and then practice these habits.  Honestly, I have some weaknesses but I am working hard to overcome them by listening to training calls, talking with those who are successful in this area and seeking out ways to overcome my fears.  
Love to hear from REMARKABLE recruiters with their tips for success.  
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!
Hope Wissel

Does Perfect Spoil Your Dream?

“A successful life is often expensive. It will cost you something to become a champion.Time. Energy. Focus.” – Mike Murdock

January 10th, I made the decision to leave my part-time job and pursue my business full-time.  Was (or is) it scary?  YES!  Having a regular paycheck is now my responsibility, not my employer.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen MAJOR changes in my business. Parties/ Hostess I didn’t think would turn out have, customers have been placing retail orders, and I have potential new recruits.   Do I think it is anything special I did? NO! Do I believe God is working in my life? YES. There is one other thing which has changed – I have accepted I am NOT perfect and I don’t NEED to be in order to work my business and be a success.  Yes, I said it!  For some, I am sure it is a no-brainer BUT for me, it is an ongoing process.

I know I sabotage my success waiting for everything to be PERFECT. The perfect time.  The perfect vendor event. The perfect hour to make calls.  I know I am not alone in this, right?  You do it too.  Did you realize those thoughts are de-railing your business?

How often have you thought?

  • I’ll make reach out to my contacts as soon as I have the perfect (or the right) script.
  • I’ll book my first parties as soon as I learn how to do a party.
  • I’ll start sharing the business opportunity as soon as I know what to say.
  • I can’t work if my office is unorganized so I’ll clean it first.

Let’s be honest, we have all said it, thought it or done it right? Here are some tips to help you reach those dreams and allow yourself to be “Im-prefect”.

1. Does practice really make perfect?

The truth is, even with the right words and scripts, you’re going to mess it up a number of times before you’re really good.  And just when you think you are really good – you will mess up.  Accept it and move on!

Practice = better.
More practice = good.
More practice = great!
Did you see the PERFECT anywhere?

2. If it was easy – everyone would be doing it.

Easy is not the path to true happiness in any area of our lives. A great marriage is hard work. Raising great kids is really hard work. Earning a degree is hard work, and so is building a solid, successful direct sales business. WOW! I bet no one told you that when you signed up to be a consultant did they?  It may be easy at times but then the “pink” cloud will burst.   Things will be a little tougher and you may need to work a little harder. It will be worth it in the end – every bit of effort will pay off.

“If we do the things we need to do when we need to do them, the day will come when we can do the things we want to do when we want to do them.” – Zig Ziglar

3. The ducks probably won’t cooperate.

Resist the urge for perfection. Perfection is just another word for procrastination.  Don’t wait until all your ducks are in a row. because the truth is the pieces won’t ever all be in the perfect place. We won’t ever know everything we need to know to do it perfectly.

What have I done differently to make a difference in my business?

FIRST – I trust I am on the path God wants me to be on. I am not looking to be perfect or to be in the spotlight. That is not my God-sized dream. My dream is to have a self-sufficient business which provides my husband and I (and my family) with the extras – having financial freedom and being able to travel when we want. When I let go of the woulda, shoulda, coulda, and trust in God – things happen.

SECOND – I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying.  Sounds easy, right?  I am learning to “bless and release” when negative things happen then keep moving forward.  If I stop trying, failure will be the option and my goal is for success.

Are you looking to be perfect? Is it affecting YOUR business? Share your thoughts with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

The Party Host Challenge


The 25th of the month and for some in direct sales (me included) we are working on closing out a strong February while casually glancing at next month’s calendar.  It is the fine line we walk as we approach the end of the month to be sure we “don’t leave money on the table this month” while ensuring we have bookings next month.

One of the most challenging aspects of direct sales is finding people to host parties especially home parties.  We all know home parties are the best way to share our products.  By touching and feeling the products, guest are more likely to purchase them.  Or are you one of those consultants who get people to say yes to hosting? The struggle is getting them to team up with you so their living room is full of friends and family.  Or they cancel at the last minute because the excitement has worn off or no one is responding to their invitation. Sometimes, there isn’t much you can do but chalk it off as a bad experience. Or is there?

What if you could spark a fire in your party hosts they simply couldn’t refuse to follow through on?unknown

Think about how you met your potential hosts – at a party, a referral from a customer, a vendor event or maybe they just clicked on your link.  The truth is most hosts fail due to a lack of trust in their consultant.   Crazy, right?


The fact a potential party host may not trust you has NOTHING to do with you.  It is usually based on a past bad experience with another direct seller.  They “assume” (you know what they say about ass-u-me?) you’re just like her.  You can be the  nicest person in the world, have the best referrals but those bad memories linger. So, how do we change it?img_33901

#1 – Educate them.  Don’t panic! I don’t mean a full length course – who has time?  Just some simple tips to help your host have a successful party. I use a cover letter like this in my hostess packet:hostess-home-copy

No matter what system you use, make sure you walk with them through every step you expect them to take. The point is to make it as easy as possible for your hosts so they feel like they can’t fail.  Remember you are a team working toward a common goal – her success! Her success = money in your pocket!

#2 – Compel Them With an Incentive.  This comes with mix emotions.  You know your potential host has an interest in your products.  So why not turn the interest into a desire in them to succeed.  Some would say the “hostess rewards” are enough, for some it will be.  We know incentives work, right?  The free and discounted hostess rewards is probably what prompted her to take the leap of faith and say yes to hosting her own party.  But why not offer her something more if she meets your expectations.  Here is one way:


Or offer an incentive for completing tasks such as: getting their guest list back to you within a week; having at least five guests at their party or for getting outside orders or bookings.  I know, you are in this to make money not spend it, right?  But the small cost will be outweighed by having a solid successful party.  The incentive can be free shipping or a less expensive item from your product line or a customer special or a favorite retired product you have in stock.  REMEMBER, your host doesn’t get the incentive until you show up for their ACTUAL party. Be sure to make it clear when you outline the incentives for them.

#3 – The Value Of Your Business Opportunity.  I will admit, I struggle with this some months. You know the ones I mean when  your calendar is empty and you need/want to book some parties?  Some advocate flipping your host before the party while I believe the party is her training ground to see how easy it is to be a consultant.  Your host is having a party for FREE and discounted product. She doesn’t see the bigger picture of what joining your company could mean for her or her family.  Plant seeds along the way.  Your guidance and a successful party may be just the encouragement they need to give what you do a try.  Offer to turn their party into a kickoff party and give them all the bookings you get if they say yes to starting their business.

#4 – Offer Assistance.  This one should be a no-brainer.  You want to make it super easy for your potential host to do her job.  You can help her by offering to call her guests to ensure attendance, send out the invitations for her, and offer to arrive early to help her set up which will also help to calm her nerves and build a relationship with them.  Make sure you stay in touch often before her party to give her support, answer questions, and remind her of what her next step is.

Will these tips guarantee success 100% of the time?  No, but it will definitely help to establish the trust factor.  The combination of trust and a growing relationship will decrease your cancellations and lead to more successful parties.

Are there things you do for your hosts to help them succeed? Share them with us in the comments below.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Unclutter Your Life

Where Do You Stand?


Did you start the New Year with a set of goals?  Do you know by week 3 of the new year, most people have already tossed their goals?  Week 3, really?  We are winding up the last few days of January and I wonder where you stand…

I will admit, I almost tossed one of my goals for the year – Thirty One’s Leadership Incentive Trip.  Why?  Well, I let doubt and fear creep in.  I wasn’t reaching it the way I thought I would.  Crazy, right?  Then the other night, I was praying for my business and to see God’s plan.  Did I wake up the next morning with lots of sales? No.  But I had a gnawing feeling before I went to bed so I went and re-worked the numbers.  See, earning the trip wasn’t all about me and what I could do…. it is about helping others to reach their goal and as a result I would reach mine.  Yes, I have read Zig Ziglar’s quote a million times and maybe it finally sunk in.zig ziglar

“Something’s got to change!” Have you said this in January? I sure have. Maybe your original New Year’s Resolution doesn’t feel right anymore.  Now, I don’t mean it seems unobtainable so you toss it, I mean maybe it is not where you want to head personally or professionally.

One of my favorite bloggers, Glynnis Whitwer said it best: “It’s usually when I’m frustrated with myself for something I’m not doing. For example, my broken-record complaints focus on the same three things: losing weight, better managing my work load, and spending more time with people I love.” Does this sound like you? I feel like she is in my head….

The problem isn’t my effort; it’s my approach. Something has to change, I mean “If you do the same things the same way, you will always get the same results”.  I did a lot of the same things in January and I expected different results.

Did you set your goals and then proceed to approach them the same way as you have in the past?  As a result, the same results.  It is not our goals which need changing, it is our approach.  YIKES!   Change is a bit out of my comfort zone. It is difficult for me, how about you?  The difference is this year, I am not willing to change my goals or my vision board or to settle.  This year, I want to reach new heights, I want to gain some financial freedom, I want to GROW in my walk with God AND I want to spend more time with my family. WOW! A lot to get done and manage at one time, right?

So I am shaking up some areas in my life, with God’s help.  I tend to ask for help ALOT, give praise for all things but I have a hard time LISTENING for answers.  Here are two ideas I’m trying which might help you too…

1. Rather than trying to manage my emails by spending more time on them, I’m unsubscribing to lists. I’m scheduling time to visit websites and blogs. I’m setting time limits on Facebook.  Emails don’t need to be answered immediately and it is okay if someone has to wait for an answer.

2. I’ve become too inwardly focused, I’ve made a list of special days, activities, and places I want to go where I can invite others to join me. Hey, I could combine reaching out to NEW customers when I am out and about, right?

As we move into February, may we re-focus and re-energize our goals as we listen to the small quiet voice which speaks new ways into old habits.  Share with us how YOU are going to do things differently in February…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

How To Change Your Recruiting Results

15578492_10210373534168992_5438397386721171243_nI see the eyes rolling…… you figure this is just another “pitch” to get you to join my team, right?  The truth is, it doesn’t matter what direct sales company you are with – recruiting is a key to your success (and more money).

So, do you easily share your business with others or does the word “recruit” send you into a tailspin?  I have to be honest, it has taken a long time to finally NOT be afraid of sharing the gift called Thirty One.  So, if you are afraid of the word, I get it – you and about another 95% of direct sellers are in the same boat.

When we talk about the top reasons why direct sellers are afraid of recruiting, we usually hear…..

  • I am afraid people will think I am pushy.
  • I hate hearing “no”.
  • I am afraid people won’t like me.
  • I am afraid I don’t know enough about our business.
  • I am afraid my new people won’t succeed.
  • I am afraid I won’t find the “right” people.
  • I am afraid that we will saturate our market.
  • I am afraid I can’t convince people to join my team.


This is the biggest mistake in recruiting… it isn’t about you.  Are you shocked?  I know you are trying to promote, or earn a leadership incentive trip or maybe earn more money, right?  So you HAVE to recruit.zig ziglarYou are not selling your business so you don’t have to convince anyone to sign up.  You just need to talk to enough people to find the ones who are looking for what you have to offer.  So, let’s bust some of the myths which come with the word recruiting:

#1 – I am afraid people will think I am pushy. Focus on how your company may help them.  Share don’t sell!  Being pushy is not taking a “no” as NO!  Pushy is trying to get someone to do something they don’t want to do.

#2 – I hate hearing “no”.  We all hate the word NO.  What if everyone said yes, to everything?  Can you imagine what things would be like.  Stop making it all about you. Do you think the waitress who offers you dessert takes it personally when you say “no” to her offer?  Do you think she stops offering dessert to everyone after dinner?  People are not saying “no” to you, they are saying no to the offer.  For those of us who are people pleaser, this is a tough one.

#3 – I am afraid people won’t like me. Again, take the focus off of you. People will still like you if you are sincere in sharing the opportunity.  Remind them you will still like THEM if they say no.  Ask them if it is just “no, not at this time” or just “no, never”?  This way you won’t feel like you are being “pushy” if you make the offer again.

#4 – I am afraid I don’t know enough about our business. I hear this all the time from my newest team members.  The law of ONE MORE says you have been in business one more week, month, or hour than the person you are recruiting. You will never know everything about the business but I am sure you know where to get the information to answer any questions, right?

#5 – I am afraid my new people won’t succeed. I’m guilty of this one!  It has taken me a long time to understand I can’t want more for them then they want for themselves.  This was always a struggle for me as a Social Worker too.  It isn’t your responsibility to make someone succeed.

#6 – I am afraid I won’t find the “right” people. Is there really a “right” person?  With over 15 million people in direct sales in the US alone, do you think one size fits everyone? There is not a “right” person.  Who are you to judge or decide who the “right” person may be?

#7 – I am afraid that we will saturate our market. UGH!  The “S” word – there is an unspoken rule about this word.  If you haven’t asked everyone you have come in contact with to either book, buy or join your team – the “S” word does not exist.  Do you really think you and your recruits will know all the same people and go all of the same places?  It is so difficult to saturate a market regardless of how small a town you live in.

#8 – I am afraid I can’t convince people to join my team. This is the truth – you can’t.  Enjoy sharing the gift and inviting people to take a look at your business to see if it is a good fit for them and if they are a good fit for your business.

Who is ready to recruit some team members?  What are you best tips?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!