Hope Wissel

AntiBullying – Support a GREAT Cause

Looking for something to do TODAY on what is supposed to be a nice Saturday afternoon.  Come check out the Family Fun Day for theNEW AntiBullying and Leadership Center being held at Park 33 in Freehold.  The venue was changed due to the overwhelming support that this event has gotten from vendors, businesses and the community.

Anti-Bullying has become a cause near and dear to my heart after learning that my daughter, Belinda, was a victim of bullying when she attended public high school several years ago.  Hers was a positive outcome and I attribute a lot of it to to the various sports activities that she was involved with OUTSIDE of school.  

I will be partying Thirty One style with 20% of all orders taken being donated to this AMAZING non-profit organization.  Stop by the table and you will also have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to purchase your Thirty One favorites.  There are over 25 vendors who will be joined by celebrity supporters like:

*Rocky MARCIANO JR *Boxing Champ Ray MERCER *UFC Legend Dan SEVERN *Broadcaster/MMA Journalist Mike STRAKA *Bellators’ Phillipe NOVER *NJ State Athletic Commissioner Chief Counsel Nick LEMBO *Actor Josh FLITTER *Actor Jose HERNANDEZ Jr *Handicapped Heroes Wrestlers Zach GOWEN & Greg IRON *Actress/Entertainment Reporter Chelsea LINDER *Miss Teen NJ 2010 Erica SYZMANSKI *Miss National Sweetheart 2012 Courtney BAXTER *MS NY United States 2012 Jeannette JOSUE *Miss NY 2011 Kaitlin MONTE and many more

For those of us who grew up thinking that bullies were the BIG kids on the block that beat kids up – they were the easy ones to spot.  The bullies today are so different and the victims range from our children in the community to adults in the workplace.  

Check out my very first blog – Bullying: the Visible and the Invisible to read our bullying story.  Stop by the table and say hello.  Come out and support a great cause.  Can’t join the fun but would like to place an order to support Kickin’ It – go to my Thirty One website under parties and shop for “Kickin It Kids Anti-Bullying Grand Opening”.  Orders can be placed until Sunday, May 19th at 10pm.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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