Hope Wissel

Mindset – Is Yours in the Right Place?

Over the last week or so, the blessings in my life have come in the form of trials.  I would sing “Blessings” by Laura Story but I wouldn’t want to scare you away with my singing.

As we have dealt with my hubby’s heart issues (some form of cardiac failure yet to be determined), my mind set has been changing towards my business and my weight loss.  An ex-boss told me once that when you cry a lot it means that you are growing!  I guess I am ready for a growth spurt!  

When all is said and done, the determining factor in our weight loss journey or in the success of our business is our frame of mind.  If we have doubts, we won’t do it for it is never easy defeating the negative nellie monsters that come with doubts.  The people who succeed at their weight loss and in their business, are mentally and spiritually prepared.  They truly believe in themselves and their Higher Power, knowing that nothing on earth can get the better of them.

As for me, my mindset has undergone a transformation this week.  My Director, Hope Shortt,  did a training call this week on “Successful Mindset” which helped me to answer 3 questions, changing my doubts into believing that I can be successful.  How do you answer these three questions?

  1. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for ME?
  2. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for my FAMILY?
  3. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for my TEAM?
By answering these questions HONESTLY, I am able to move forward with a positive attitude ready to move mountains in my business and reach my goal weight.  What is holding you back from being successful?  Write the answers down to the questions and change that mindset – YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL if you believe it – I mean TRULY BELIEVE.  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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