Hope Wissel

Personal Goals – Revised…

I know that I talk a lot about goals – personal and professional but I believe that goals are an important key to success.  Please don’t just tune me out or skip over this blog.  As you know my goal with Weight Watchers was to reach a certain weight.  The struggle has been ongoing for some time (over 7 years) which made me think I hit a plateau.  Worse than that, I doubt whether I will ever reach my goal weight.

Fall came and with it came time to pull out the fall/winter clothes.  I have been in the same size for the last year so I figured I would head into another season the same size.  STUCK!  Mind you, I am not unhappy with my size or weight, just always wanting something else.  I thought that SUCCESS would ONLY be when I reached my goal weight.  I went out and bought a new pair of pants in the “same old size” for work.  They fit, a little big but nothing major.  I mean who wouldn’t want loose pants while running around WaWa, right?  Then I realized that I had only one pair of dress pants and nothing business casual for my parties.  I like to look professional without going overboard so prospective recruits don’t think they have to be dressed to the nines to be a consultant.  Out to get another pair of pants and I bought the same size in last year’s style.   Of course, I didn’t try them on nor did I try on any of the tops that I bought.  Scale the same so the size is the same, right?

SURPRISE!!!! I put them on when I got home and they were too big.  I know you are probably saying “how did she not know they would be too big?”.  Well, maybe it was a senior moment then again, I still see myself at a much larger size.  I actually just got back from Kohl’s VERY excited after returning the pants.  I decided to try on the clothes BEFORE I came home – novel concept, right?  I am down ANOTHER size both top AND bottom.  Have I reached my initial goal?  No. Have I reached a goal? YES – maybe it is not my initial goal but it is a goal!  It isn’t always about the numbers on the scale – words from a VERY wise Weight Watcher Leader.  Thank you Nicole!

Goals are important whether they are large or small – personal or for business.  As for me, they are what keep me focused and moving forward.  So, I have not given up on my goal of reaching goal weight at Weight Watchers. I mean it would mean a monthly savings because LIFETIME members are FREE!  The truth is, when the numbers on the scale change will a magic wand zap away the vision I have of myself that I am still a larger size?  Probably not. What will it take for me to see myself as being successful?  I wish I had the answer but for now – I am revising my personal goals to include: protecting my weight loss (all 108 pounds of it), learning to accept me in my new body AND my goal weight.

So what are your goals?  When you reach them, will you feel successful?  What would success feel like to you?  I challenge you to visualize you at your goal – how does it feel?  Share your success here with all of us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.






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