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How to be Happier

Happy Saturday!!!  I am off to another vendor event tomorrow at Ocean County College in the gym.  It is to benefit the OCC Viking Cheerleaders as they prepare to travel to Nationals in about 8 weeks.

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As I spend the day getting ready, I thought I would share a blog from one of my favorite bloggers, “alwaysthinkingimfat” called “My Tips to Being Happier”

Find light where it was once dark One of the best things to do is look for something to focus on.  It may be a small glimmer of light but it is an opportunity to take yourself from that miserable place to some higher ground
Reciprocate It’s one word but it has such meaning.  In life’s journeys it is so good to give rather than receive.  Take time to notice others and give of yourself.  It will make you feel better and help make the World a better place!
It’s not all about you Really life does revolve around your World  but you are never alone in your struggles.  People share common fears and dilemmas every day. If we decide to stop internalizing these things and deal with them head on it can foster a positive environment and promote success
Fuel your creative side You put gas in the car but do you ever fuel your creative side. People need to take a moment to jot down their thoughts, get the glue gun out or get the scrapbooking items out of the closet. Those moments of elation and self worth help promote the positive and downplay the negative.
Active listening If there was a law against not being an active listener I would be in jail by now. Being guilty of not actively listening means you fail to give a person a chance to express themselves or share input as well as ideas. One goal for this year is to listen to what people are saying and wait to respond until they are finished!!
Do what works for you Last time I checked none of us had owner’s manuals. It’s time to do what works for our lives and remember we are not robots.
Face your faults This is one thing I stink at but I get better with age. People tend to be defensive or remiss about personal faults.  In my life I have taken the steps to say yes I am overweight and obese.  But I can change it or make it better.
Find that happy place It may be a series of moments or possibly a great day. A happy place exists in your life but you need to find it and keep it within your sights
Delight in success Too many times a person fails to delight in life’s small successes.  If you lose weight you need to be happy about it and keep going. Stop telling yourself you are not successful and become more self assured and confident!
Put anger aside We all need a shelf to put things on. For me sometimes it is about the anger I feel at myself and others.  But before you do something you regret or say something you can’t take back put the anger on the shelf and rationally think out your feelings.
Turn off the TV Stop the insanity(Ok I borrowed this line).  You are sitting on the couch with a remote in your hand with a greasy high calorie snack by your side. We all need to unwind but lets be realistic if you sitting all day watching TV you need to find something else to do.
Don’t put yourself on an Island There are no three hour tours here in this lifetime.  If you put yourself on an island and try to hide away from the world you’ll find yourself unhappy and miserable. Open up to the world and try not to feel like you are alone.
Feed your mind and soul Take the initiative to inspire, create and reflect.  You feed your body but what about your mind & soul!!
Always be the better person You want to get back at that person that just made you mad. Forget about it! Always remember the better person takes the higher ground can always look back without fear of what is behind them.
Revel in Being You Every day is a celebration! It is party time! Get your groove on!!

Share your thoughts…Make sure you visit her blog and check out her writings… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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