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Fall Selling Season Kick Off

I LOVE this visual….how many of you remember the movie “JAWS”?  How about that theme song?  You know the one that starts playing in your head every time you think of the movie….. Dah dum…dah dum… dahdumdahdumdahdum…getting faster and faster.  Thank you JulieAnne Jones for this great visual.  That is how fast the fall selling season is sneaking up on us.

If you have been in any of the retail stores lately, you can see signs of the fall/ winter season – back to school, the start of Halloween costumes and in some rare places, the talk of winter snow gear.  REALLY!  Can we please enjoy the last two weeks of summer?  The truth is that this is when 70% of your business will take place in direct sales.  So, we need to be prepared and ready to take advantage of the momentum.

Here are some tips from JulieAnne (with a few commentary remarks from me):

Make a planTake some time to sit down and create a plan so when September hits, you have a step-by-step vision and clear steps to take to get booked and build your business through the last four months of the year. Take an hour and set your goals for September through December.  Even if you are a kitnapper, why not take advantage of the opportunity to make some extra money this holiday season.  I mean who couldn’t use a little extra cash for gift giving or even pampering yourself.  no matter how small you think your goal might be, write it down and make a plan.

Create a contact list of at least 50 people you haven’t contacted recentlyThink about your customers, guests from your parties, previous hosts, and any other leads that may have fallen through the cracks. Make your goal to actually come up with 100 names and 50 will seem easy.  I created a “miss you” postcard at Vista Print to send to everyone who has not ordered from me in over 6 months  – 1 year.  Friends on Facebook, send them a message.  Email them or better yet, call them to say hello.  You can begin to build those relationships again and you will be surprised at the outcome.

Throw your own party (home or virtual) – I have a “Last Chance, First Glance” party at the end of the summer to kick off the Fall selling season.  I sell my display and extra product at a deep discount to clean out my inventory AND I offer specials to those who want to book parties and place orders for the new Fall season.  I only do this once a year so I have lots of inventory to clear out.  You will be surprised at who will come.  Virtual parties are all the rage right now and it’s an easy way for you to share what’s new and create a fun party without people having to leave their homes.

Give back – This is a great time of year to do fund raisers, which also generates greater interest in your business. You can make a difference while growing your business.  I did TWO options to give back this year… cinch sacs for the tweens to go back to school filled with supplies AND thermal lunch totes for the Cancer Center at the local hospital.

What are you doing to kick off YOUR fall selling season?  Please share with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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