Hope Wissel

Manifest Generator

Tuesday night I attended a workshop hosted by ETTM (Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms) which spoke to me on so many levels.  Jenneifer Bronsnick talk was that additional nudge from God that I have been getting as I am reading “You are made for God-sized Dreams“.  It was so right on and another eye opener for me.

Jennifer did my energy chart (human design) and I found out that I was a “manifest generator”.  I was a little skeptical at first but when she started to describe the personality traits, it was a bulls-eye.  Here is some insight to what that really means:  Manifesting Generator has two primary focuses in life:  work and family.  Okay, for those that know me – this is so true.  Finding the balance between the two is usually one of my biggest challenges.

Here are some other key traits:

  • When guided to the “right” work for them, they have nearly inexhaustible energy to do that work and get it done FAST!  The workaholic in me shines through time and time again.
  • They find the fastest way through things and may skip steps while getting things “done.”  They may need to go back and fix what they skipped if it was important.  I can admit to this.  When I started my Thirty One business, I was going to do it my way despite the proof of how successful I could be following the suggestions given to me.  I have since gone back to the basics – book, sell, recruit.
  • They like to have multiple balls in the air.  Although I am not a fan of juggling, this is definitely true.  The busier that I am, the more I seem to get done.  Not something that my hubby is fond of.
  • Nothing seems to move fast enough for many Manifesting Generators.  Yup!  I want things done yesterday!
  • They are often dynamic, and manifest projects and outcomes with a productive burst of energy that keeps on going. They eventually run out of steam, but watch out once they’ve recharged!  I love to start new projects.  Now I understand my grant writing and program development skills.  I LOVE to create!
  • They like to get things done…FAST.  They are born to “respond” to everything around them, which they do quite naturally. But often those responses happen so fast that they are not consciously aware of them.  Sadly, closest relationships often bear the brunt of those reactions. When they wait for and follow their inner guidance, they have less frustration spilling over onto others. And recognizing that the frustration and anger you feel is just energy can also help you minimize its impact on others. Remember to INFORM those who will be impacted by your actions BEFORE you take those actions. My hubby would definitely agree with this one.  We usually say it is because I was an independent single woman for so long – truth is, it is in my energy. Who would have thought??
  • Frustration IS part of your personal learning curve, so you won’t be avoiding it entirely. It takes courage to wait for, trust, and follow your Sacral Response…but everything in your life (including relationships) will benefit when you do.  Here is what a sacral response is: a yes/no question is asked and the gut response is allowed to flow from inside as an “uh-huh” (yes) or as an “un-un” (no). As oversimplified as that example sounds, you will experience such situations if you are a sacral being.  Okay, so I am not a fan of frustration but I guess that is the way that I learn.  UGH!  Time for me to start listening to my GUT and ease the frustration levels.
  • They are energizer bunnies who can hold down a job, raise a family, get involved in the PTA or other activities, maybe do volunteer work, stay physically active, and pursue various interests. Not all Manifesting Generators do all of these things….but they could!  I am woman hear me roar…

So, just for today: I am focusing on the positive so that I get positive back.  I am going to continue to work on my self so that I can help others.  I am going to follow intuition and inspiration.  This is so going to help me as I continue to grow into leadership…

If you know what your human design is, share it with us… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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