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Slip Out of that Slump

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The last day of February and I am jumping for joy!  Yes, there are the obvious reasons – closer to Spring & warmer weather, the end of a month filled with horrible weather and a slump in many businesses.  I was blessed that my business was steady and has been over the last three months during the snowiest winter in Brick in years.  There are others on my team that were not as fortunate…

I came across an article on Direct Sales Education Foundation which talked about slumps and how to get out of them. So, let’s see if we can “Motivate and Move in March”

  • Start with a basic goal and revise often. The first step is to create a goal that is simple, does not take too long to complete, and is realistically attainable.  Revising often is the key to making this strategy work.  If after three presentations you see no improvement, revise your goal.  How about taking more initiative to ask for the sale? Revising your goal frequently will help renew your motivation to find a way out of your slump.  I LOVE my NEW party cards from Shari Hudspeth.  This slight change in my parties helped me to book more and plant lots of booking and recruiting seeds.
  • Create goals with predictable outcomes. There are many aspects of a career in direct sales that we cannot control, so when creating goals, try to choose those that have little room for guesswork. Even though you can’t predict the outcome of your next home party, you can predict the outcome of attending your company’s monthly training sessions. You know that you will always learn something new about your product line, a game to add to your presentation, or even an innovative approach to recruitment. Focus on what is guaranteed, and choose goals that will set you up for success.  How about setting some goals for texting or sending Facebook messages to customers and past hostesses?  My goal is to connect with at least 3 people each day who have shown an interest in my business.
  • Reward success and penalize failure. Self-discipline is a staple of being your own boss, so be strict about how you react to success and failure. This really works when you choose reinforcement tactics that will truly motivate you to get out of your slump. Figure out what you enjoy and how it can be used for reinforcement. If you’re a person who loves movies, focus your rewards and penalties around them. Did you exceed your goal for number of hostesses who committed to parties in one night? Time for a trip to the movies! Did you let go of a sale without asking all the right questions? Put down the remote tonight. Hold yourself accountable in meaningful ways, and be consistent to pull yourself out of your slump.  Let’s CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD ourselves for small milestones.

Getting out of a slump has as much to do with your mindset as it does with your actions. Commit to making real change by implementing these strategies until you are back on track. Only you can determine your success, so take control and keep moving forward on the path to achieving your goals.

Have you ever experienced a slump? What has worked for you to get out of it? Please share your ideas below.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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