Clear the Clutter

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet 

I think Spring may have finally arrived – some warmer temps opened the door for flip flops and capris.  Of course the dreary days with rain make me wonder…..Through it all, I am ready to purge my closet and pull out some spring clothes. What is even more exciting is I am creeping close to my goal weight which means I will have lots of spring clothes to wear.

Transitioning into a different season is the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet and minimize your items. I’m sure I am not the only on who has clothing pieces from last summer which are probably no longer in style, fit, or didn’t survive being in storage. Why hold on to these things?  The chances of you wearing them is unlikely so it is time to toss and refresh.

1. Take every item out of your closet.  Yup, toss it all in the middle of the floor.  It will look like your closet threw up but it is the only way to make sure you go through and touch every item one-by-one.  The goal is to only put items back in your closet you love.

2. Does it fit badly? A little tight here, too big there so the bottom line is it no longer serves a purpose. Holding on to beautiful or expensive items we love and once fit us is like holding onto the past… let’s look forward. Give them to someone you know will benefit from them.

3. Not worn for a year. If an item has been hanging in your closet untouched for one year, it’s time to say goodbye.  I know you are thinking – it’s seasonal, right?  If you didn’t wear it last season, you probably won’t wear it this season either.

4. Fold jeans in drawers. Jeans should never be hanging in your closet because they take up too much space and will last longer in drawers.  This was a new tidbit for me!  Hubby puts his on the shelf but for a different reason.

5. Time for the new. Old socks and undergarments can be thrown away. Now is a great time to buy clean, new sets.  OR you can hold onto them and use the undergarments when you travel.  After they are worn, toss them – more room in the suitcase when you come home/

6. Tailor now or never. If there are things in your closet you can’t wear because they need tailoring, do it immediately or toss them. If you really loved and wanted to wear them, you would have had tailored it by now.

7. Part with unused gifts. So many people keep items just because they were a gift, even if they don’t like or wear them. The person who bought you the gift would probably prefer someone else wear it, rather than you ignoring it.

8. Limit handbags.  Well, maybe not the number of them just the ones you keep in the closet. Bags take up space.  The rule of thumb is, we only need three bags for our day-to-day lives: a large tote, an evening clutch, and a cross-body bag.  Remember, I have a bag for all of your needs. I will totally disagree with only needing 3 bags but I am the proverbial bag lady, right?  Try to keep bags hung on a hook if possible to maximize space.

9. Minimize. After ridding yourself of all unneeded, unworn, and uncared for items, you will feel lighter, get dressed quicker, and spend less time getting ready.  I also am focusing on certain color pallets so everything goes together.

What is your best tip for organizing your closet?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Purses, Purses and More Purses

Can you guess what today’s blog is about?  At Thirty One‘s National Conference, the Home Office showcased the 23 NEW prints and products that are part of the Fall line – AMAZING!  Over the last several catalogs, I have been told by many of my customers that Thirty One has bags and totes but NOT purses.  Okay,  I guess it depends on what you call a purse but that has all changed with the NEW Girl on the Go collection.  There are SIX NEW purses!

As I was trying to figure out how to talk about all of these new additions – Vanessa Coppes wrote an GREAT blog for Bella Magazine entitled “The Perfect Handbag, How to Decide”.    I learned a few things on how to help my customers make the RIGHT choice.  Based on your body type, Vanessa makes these suggestions:

  1. If you are curvy from the waist down, the best strategy is to select a small purse with a short strap.   My suggestion would be Thirty One’s NEW Suite Skirt purse or the NEW Suite Cross n’ Fold.
  2. If your “girls” are the life of the party, then a larger bag with a longer strap works.  I am thinking that the NEW Vary You Versatile Bag would fit the bill.  This bag is actually two bags in one – a tall version with a snap closure or one that is about 2 inches shorter in height with a zipper closure.
  3. For a thin and sleek body, a large bag will work.  My go to purses over the last few catalog seasons, have been the Casual Cargo Purse or the Retro Metro Bag.  The best part is that they can both be tossed into the washer on gentle cycle and line dried.
  4. An apple shaped woman should pick a smaller bag with a hint of color or a subtle pattern with a short to medium length strap.   I am not sure how small the bag should be but I think the Free to Be Crossbody might work.
  5. For the hourglass body, anything works!  The Free to Be Carry All has an adjustable strap as well as the multiple ways the Vary You Backpack purse can be worn.


Thirty One may not have a solution for all of the women on the go but be sure to check out the New Girl on the Go Purse Collection.  As I study these tips, I will be ready to help my customers make the right selection.  I mean, do you really want to purchase a purse only to find out that when you begin to use it, it doesn’t work?  Thank you Vanessa for these AWESOME tips.

Do you have any tidbits that you would like to share?  I would love to hear how you choose the perfect handbag.  Make sure you click the Thirty One link to see the new purse styles that are the Customer Special in August.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!