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Difficult Customers

Let the Fall party season begin!  September is the Fall kickoff for many direct sales companies – new products, new styles, a fresh look and Thirty One is no different.  As we offer the opportunity for a Girl’s Night Out to our hostess, we begin to think about the guests who will be attending – moms, career woman, travelers, crafters, and the list goes on.  What we don’t think about are the “hecklers” or the “difficult customer”.  I have to admit, I have only had a customer like this on TWO occasions in almost three years and I am happy to know that I sorta handled it the right way.

Picture yourself at your host house ready to start your presentation when you barely get a few words out and one of the guests begins making “side” comments just loud enough for you to hear.  Or, you talk about a product and they begin to tell you why XYZ company’s product is so much better.  Have you ever had a guest like this?  If not, consider your lucky and know that at some point in your selling career, you may come across them.  If you have, did you let it throw you off your game or did you use one of these great tips?

Deb Bixler wrote a great article on “My DSWA” website called “Dealing with Difficult Party Play Customers“.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Spotlight the Difficult Customer at the Party.  A great way to stifle a difficult person is to invite them to answer all of their questions and offer not to go on until they are answered.   I have asked them to repeat their question or concern so that I can answer it because there may be someone else in the group with the same concern.
  2. Rally the Interested Customers.  If someone is not cooperating at all with your presentation, participating or aren’t even being courteous enough to stop talking while you are; here is what Deb suggested, simply say “The rest of the group is interested in this information”.  WOW!  I could not see myself saying that, it seems to me that is WAY to confrontational and I don’t do well with confrontation.
  3. The Wise Guy is Your Party Side Kick!  Difficult customers may think that they know more than you do about your product of company.  Here is where knowing your products AND your company is a definite PLUS.  If you can show the “wise gal” the correct information, they tend to stop being a problem.  If they have good information, invite them to help out with the presentation.

Every party is not going to run smoothly.  I have to admit, I have been left speechless TWICE due to a difficult customer.  I have even taken a 2 minute break in the middle of a party to “help” a difficult customer so that she could be on her way.  By doing that, the customer actually booked a party and the group appreciated that the difficult customer had left.  Hopefully, you will never have a heckler or a difficult party guest BUT be ready just in case.

girls night outLooking to book a Girl’s Night Out?  You supply the snacks and the guest list while I send the invitations as we work together to help you have a successful party AND receive LOTS of FREE and discounted products – contact me.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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