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A Plan Comes Together

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I LOVE when a plan comes together!  That is God’s plan, not mine.  This is week 2 of my new system and it WORKS!  Okay, you can laugh if you want but the lights are flashing….

So in addition to effectively using my tickler file to keep track of things to do… I have actually been picking up the phone when I am in my office.  I have to admit, I stumble a little especially with those people who I haven’t talked to in months – it is okay.  My call is focused on sharing the new catalog PLUS asking if they are interested in having a “girl’s night out”.  I know that there is probably a better way to approach the subject but it is a work in progress.  The fact that I don’t stutter when I actually get a real person is amazing to me!  I am half way through the 100 NO Challenge and have booked parties!

At the same time, I have been posting a little smarter on Facebook, Twitter (a default from Facebook), Linked In and even a little bit on Google+.   What does that mean?  First of all timing is key.  Have you noticed how many likes you get on a status update depending on the time of day?  Facebook makes me crazy since I only see limited amounts of what people post in my news feed.  If that happens to me, I am sure that it is happening to my customers and friends.  If it is something that I really want someone to see – I tag them.  Now that doesn’t mean that every post has a tag just the ones that really make me think of the other person. As a result, fundraisers and parties are coming together.  A month that was slow has picked up because I am being intentional.

Snail mail!  Love it or hate it!  I am the corny person that sends “happy mail” to my team, my hostesses and occasionally my customers.  Who doesn’t like getting something besides a bill in the mail?  My goal is to put a smile on someone’s face while I am sharing the gift of Thirty One.  No, I am not hawking items to sell, just sharing the wonderfulness that is Thirty One.

My paper planner has lots of notes with things to do while my electronic calendar holds my meetings and appointments.  Scheduling office time at varying hours and sticking to them is making a world of difference in my business.  Who would have thought that people would actually be willing to talk at 7PM at night.  Thank you Maggie for sharing your business tip.  I have watched your Beauty Control business ROCK with your consistent follow-up for 1 hour every night.  I may not make it every night but at least one night a week is making a difference.

I am not sure that I had a plan but I asked God for help in my business… what I got was some determination and my passion back.  Things may not be happening in my time frame or the way I want BUT they are happening.  Moving in a positive direction.

What small change have you made in YOUR business that has proved successful?  Share it with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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