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Emotional Why

2013 director gift

It is Throwback Thursday!  Today’s picture is from my FIRST Thirty One National Conference as a Director which was July 2013.  I continue to wear this charm as often as possible as a reminder that “faith as small as a mustard seed” will help you to get through all things.

During a coaching call with Hope Shortt, she had me walk through what it would feel like as I walked the stage as a Director.  The emotions that poured out that day is what helped me to stay focused on my goal.  Those same emotions pour out every time we share that story.  It wasn’t about paying off debt, it wasn’t about earning the Leadership Trip – it was about the feeling of accomplishment and making my family proud that propelled me to work towards my dream.

When I went on the Leadership Retreat, my main goal was to find my emotional why.  I can easily say that my why is “financial freedom”, to take my family on a vacation but the reality is that it is more basic.  My love language is “words of affirmation” so why would I think that my emotional why would be something tangible.  Don’t get me wrong, the trip would be AWESOME.  Financial freedom is always a goal.  But the real reason, as shallow as it may be to some, that I push forward to achieve each of those things is for the “words of affirmation”.

I want to hear my hubby and my family tell me they are proud of me.  I want to hear them tell others about the successes that I have achieved in my business.  Some may think that is vain.  But for a girl who has suffered through low self-esteem for most of her life – it is HUGE!  Becky Speith shared that we need to combine our tangible with our emotional why so that we have a motivational why.  SMACK!  I have been focusing on my tangible why for so long that I lost touch with the emotional why.

My goal is to help other women who struggle with low self-esteem to overcome their demons and to find a voice.  My parties don’t have to look like someone else’s – you know that comparison thing kicks in all of the time.  At a recent party, I found out that someone at the party had attended several parties held by a Senior Director that I “adore”. Before I even started the party, I was already thinking that I couldn’t measure up.  Can I tell you how much that threw me off?  When the party was over and I was talking with the hostess, I realized that it wasn’t about the sales.  I know that the sales are attached to my tangible why and they were average.   I love what I do because I got to bring a smile to the face of a women who has been struggling for an identity for a long time.  To see her beam, to have her thank me for “convincing” her to have a girl’s night out were the emotional part of my why.

Do you know your emotional why?  We all have a tangible one – bills, trips, etc. The emotional one is the one that makes you tear up when you visualize it.  The emotional one is the one that keeps you going when you encounter road blocks at every turn.

Share your emotional why with us so we can celebrate together.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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