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Waiting Well

Good Morning! I had an “AHA” moment this morning, probably more like a SMACK in the head from God but I wanted to share.  I realized (as I am sure many of you have) that my week-end blogs have been a little whiny. You know the “I am struggling” or can’t get it together kind of message.  While doing my devotionals this morning – TWO postings made me sit up and re-think things.

The first came from Proverbs31.org called “A Different Kind of School Year“.  Lysa talks about her unglued momma mornings and how she wants this year to be different.  Since we have set the reset button on our business, why not in our life too.  I want this year (I know it is almost over) to be different.  As it says in Epheisans 4:22-24 “made new in the attitude of my mind”.  I want to have the peace and calm in the morning instead of the fear and doubt which often plagues the morning setting a negative tone for the rest of the day.  Here are two key things that I am going to implement in the morning:

  1. Tell the world to wait!  I really thought that I did this since I have a morning routine.  Up before hubby, coffee and devotionals then tackle the day.  The problem is, I let the emails, Facebook postings and all kinds of other things invade my morning when I am not fully armored in God’s word.  As a result, Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie visit more than I want.  NOTE TO SELF:  When I shut down the computer at night, close Facebook!  Don’t read ANY emails until devotions are done.
  2. Remember I’m managing blessings.  Despite the frustrations that may seem BIG, there are still many blessings that I must remember.  If I want a NEW attitude, I need to keep things in perspective.  Lysa talks about her children as the blessings but since Belinda is grown and living on her own, mine are a little different.

The NIV Devotion for Moms talked about the “Waiting Well”.  Alright, I am getting the message God!  Change my attitude and WAIT!  If we truly TRUST God, we need to wait and here is what was shared:

  • Think right.  We need to train our minds to remember that God is working in HIS time, not ours.
  • Stay present.  We need to ENJOY today.
  • Watch out.  While we wait for God, we can be the most vulnerable so we need to keep our guard up.
  • Seek God.  We need to be clear on what we are waiting for.  Do we have expectations of God or are we simply willing to accept the blessings God gives us?

So, as the day begins I am working on not having an “unglued momma morning”.  I have asked God for guidance, now I need to WAIT WELL while I LISTEN for his response.  Do you have crazy mornings when it seems like chaos takes over setting the tone for the rest of the day?  Stop, block out the noise and focus on the many blessings that you have – even if they come in the form of tear drops.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

oprah live fearlessly

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