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I often talk about what a “hot mess” I can be with organization.  You would think having a business with AMAZING products that I would be organized, right?

A two floor condo allows you certain perks – I am sure these are not in the sales brochure.  The first floor of my home is always neat but there are some dust bunnies that have taken up permanent residence.  They can be very stubborn when it comes to leaving.  Things are put away for the most part with the exception of my hubby’s items.  He likes small, neat, “organized” piles so that he can find things.  Underneath the coffee table has become his private filing cabinet – UGH!  The basket of bills on the stand in the foyer gets cleaned out once a month – whether it needs it or not.  Rob sets aside one day per month to pay all bills, something he obviously has done for years.  When visitors stop by we have the “lived in look” – love that term!

Then you go to the second floor which consists of the family room, my office and Belinda’s bedroom when she comes to visit.  Yes, it also has dust bunnies.  The cat thinks this is her private domain and will be very vocal when someone intrudes on her territory.  Lately, I have been thinking (that is the first step, right) on what is the best way to organize the family room AND my office so that it works for me and my business.  I mean, I am the one who spends most of their time down there, right?  I have an “organized mess”.  I know where things are but I am sure the set-up is not efficient and costs me a lot of time when I am looking for something.

Enter the home organization products from Thirty One.  Mind you I DREAM of these kinds of rooms but the truth is, I am not sure I could ever pull it off.  Here are some of our amazing products in various settings:

d8940-officespace   This picture includes just about every home organization product that we have – the hang up home organizer, the hang-up family organizer AND the hang-up room organizer along with large utility totes.

organize your office This actually might make more sense since I LOVE having everything in arms reach.  The Your Way cubes and the Your Way rectangles with all of my “stuff” close and neatly put away.  I mean the trays that I have been using are overflowing and are definitely not time efficient.  Oh, did I mention that I am trying to find ways to manage my time too.

Through ETTM, I have met a PROFESSIONAL organizer named Debra Levy from Organizing Made Easy.  She has transformed many homes and spaces with her organizational tips.  NO, you don’t need to buy lots of products but you do need to let her see your “mess”.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to just buy products in the hope that I will do it myself.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.  Check out her Facebook page which has some great tips.  I mean maybe I should let her at least come in and give me some ideas.

How have you used our “home organization” products to help your “hot mess”?  Share YOUR creative uses for our products and how they have helped to transform YOUR crazy household.  Who knows I or others might even be inspired.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day! #hope

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