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During Lent, St. Pauls’ UMC did a church-wide study called “Daring to Dream” which was where I have been lately – letting fear keep me from letting my dreams soar.    On Easter Sunday, the title of the ending sermon was “Dream Busters – Dream Builders” which in a nutshell was about faith, hope and love through Christ that enables us to fly on the wings of God’s dreams for us.  WOW!  Was this yet another wake up call for me.  I feel like I say that a lot but I know that God is working in my life, allowing me glimpses of what he sees for me.  Mind you, not enough to scare me but enough to keep me focused and working towards his dreams for me.

Pastor Al talked about 3 dream busters that keep us from reaching our full potential.  They are:

  • Yesterday’s failures.  Yes, I am a victim of this.  I know that I have let the shackles of guilt and shame continue to bind me.  Of course, not as often as they used to but guilt about past mistakes do continue to haunt me.
  • Today’s frustration.  Do I get frustrated because I have excessive expectations?  YES!  Do I find myself in constant competition with others (personally and professionally)?  YES!  Perfect Patty creeps in on occasion and convinces me that if I am not “perfect“, I will never achieve my dreams.  WRONG!  It is NOT about perfection, it is about the journey.  One of my favorite mantras.
  • Tomorrow fears.  YUP!  That is me, fearful of what?  Some days, I don’t even know what I am fearful of – fear of success, fear of not measuring up, fear of failing?

So, what is the upside and how do I change these dream busters into dream builders… or at least I try to.

  • Doubts dispelled.  I need to remind myself that with God all things are possible.  Remember that mustard seed – I keep a mustard seed jar close (a gift from my Director) to remind me of this message.
  • Despair dispersed with confidence and hope.  Confidence that God will provide for our needs and be there to wrap his arms around me to give me hope when I feel weak.
  • Security of Love.  God’s love has lifted me up and continues to do that on a daily basis.

Are some of the barriers I mentioned, holding you back from dreaming BIG?  I have found that as long as I open my heart to God and his love, I am able to DARE to DREAM Again.  The funny thing was that at the same time that church was doing this study, I was part of a book group with other Thirty One leaders on this same topic.  Do you think God was trying to send me a message?  The gentle tap on the head as opposed to the SMACK that I sometimes feel when he wants my attention.

What are your barriers to dreaming big?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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