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Don’t Ask Permission

A strange topic for today’s blog, right?  I have to admit, I have committed this mistake when I am hostess coaching.  Come on, admit it?  You have asked your hostess “how do you think your guests will feel about playing a game?”.  When they say “I don’t like to play games” or “do we have to?” – I have bent and changed my presentation.

According to Shari Hudspeth, we need to be CONFIDENT!  When we speak in a confident manner, people will agree and follow us.  If we incorporate a booking game into our presentation in a fun confident manner, they play AND they book.

I have to admit, after doing a training with Shari, I was a bit skeptical.  Her “party cards” and “dice game” is AWESOME.  Many National Executive Directors and Senior Executive Directors with Thirty One have followed her plan with LOTS of success.  The truth is that many promoted in 18 months following her tried and true plan.  What have I got to loose right?

The negative side of this – my lack of confidence and hesitation when I talk about “the presentation”.  It takes practice (at least for me) to gain the confidence to do this.  When there are only a few people, I get nervous and want to just wing it.  The truth is, I don’t WING IT well.  So, at my last party with only 4 people in attendance including the hostess, I used my party cards.  I booked 2 parties even without the dice game.

We need that 30-minute presentation to build desire around spending more, booking and joining. The presentation softens the “yes.” Without it, we’re going in cold.  This is so true.

I love this approach too for new consultants:

Say,”We start our new consultants with a proven success program. It’s fail-proof! The first thing you’ll want to do in your proven plan for success, is book six parties into your first month. This will ensure you get comfortable and relaxed at your parties right away. When you’re nervous, so are your guests. When you are relaxed and having fun, so are your guests. That’s when they spend more and book more. Do you have any questions?” They will say no. In this case, no is the answer we are looking for!

So, now I don’t ask permission, I  just do it.  Do you currently ask permission of your hostess for anything?  The only thing that I ask is what style of party they are looking for – open house or a fun & exciting presentation where everyone can get involved.  Most will pick a fun & exciting presentation with only a few who want an open house.

Think about your hostess or recruit coaching – what questions do you ask?  Are they showing that you have a lack of confidence in your party presentation?  Share what those questions are..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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