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A Sweet Deal

Happy Monday!  I know it is the day AFTER the Super Bowl so some are grumbling over their team losing while others have been out all night celebrating.  I on the other hand am headed to the surgery center to have a laser treatment on the “other” eye.  A minor procedure that will just make me sensitive to bright light for the next 48 hours.  Enough on me…

enrollment kit only spring 2015


I have some VERY exciting news to share….Thirty One has upped the ante for new consultants. I mean as if the $99 Enrollment Kit wasn’t enough, they added a  $59 Jewell Expander Kit.


Then they offered a REBATE of $99 for $1,000 in sales in your first 30 days.

 startswell 2015 picks

Now add the fact that during the first four months as a consultant you can earn an additional $150 plus in FREE product every montt for just “doing your job”.

If you join my team starting TODAY, you can also get a JK by Thirty-One Silver Monogram Initial Necklace, valued at $48!*

recruit bonus

PLUS, you will be able to earn MORE FREE JK by Thirty-One products during the month of February:

JK Level 1   JK Level 2   JK Level 3

I know you are wondering, can I earn all of this at the same time?  Do I have to pick only ONE? No, you can double and triple dip…. the sky is the limit

So, you join for $99 and hold your launch party with $1,000 in sales in the first 30 days, and you will receive:

  • Your Enrollment Kit – Valued at $400
  • Your Jewell Expander Kit – Valued at $275 (a cost of $59)
  • JK by Thirty-One Silver Monogram Initial Necklace, valued at $48
  • Your $99 Rebate
  • Your first Startswell in your choice of product ($150 value)
  • JK by Thirty One sales incentive (up to $282 value)

DRUM ROLL, please!!!  That is over $1,100 in FREE product for $59 (with $1,000 personal volume). Oh, and did I mention that on top of ALL of that, you will receive a commission check for at least $250.

If this was the kit offered when I joined Thirty One, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a minute.  I also would not have taken so long to get my first $1000 in sales.  Here is my Enrollment Kit from February 2011:

my enrollment kit- taco

So, if you wanted to earn some extra money or LOVE the product and want the discount or just want to get $1,100 worth of product for $59…now is the time to join the Thirty One pink bubble.  You get ME too!  I will help you set-up your launch party and work with you to make it a success.  If you want me details or have any questions, contact me by completing the form below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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