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Heartfelt Listening

Thank you DSWA for some more great insight…  Recruiting is not one of my strong points.  I share the information but I am not good at listening for the cues that will lead me into a conversation about how the Thirty One opportunity can help THEM! 

I wonder if it is my listening skills.  Maybe I am listening but I am not what DSWA calls heart-centered or heartfelt listening.  “It is the listening that allows us to create an unconditional space within which both the coach and the person being coached are heard with body and spirit.”  Could this be the reason???

nelson mendola

This quote from Nelson Mandela sums it up.  Yes, I have just shared one of my biggest obstacles.  I am doing this in the hope that I will be able to help not only myself but others identify and overcome their obstacle to growing their business.

Heartfelt listening is what it takes for heart centered coaching.  When you focus on asking clients “open-ended” questions you will be amazed at how clients opened their hearts and minds, take ownership of their ideas, and committed to shifting their paradigms with their own problem-solving ideas when you ask them the right kinds of questions.  Then using heart centered listening you will be able to literally change lives!

I did a party on Sunday using Shari Hudspeth’s party cards and for the first time, I thought I heard crickets when it came to the business opportunity.  YEAH!  One of the booking seeds was asking the guests to ask me about my job.  Yes, I suggested some questions but it became a true dialogue about the opportunities available with Thirty One.  Since is was a small group, I was able to focus in on some of the questions and the facial expressions and the body language of the guests.  When I do my “thank you calls”,  I am going to see if anyone is interested in pursuing the opportunity at an event in February or if they would like to meet one on one to talk more.

Have I not been listening?  Have I been so worried about the party and what people thought that I just skimmed over it?  YIKES!  Think of the missed opportunities.  Time to BELIEVE recruiting will happy.  Time to STOP talking about how bad I am at recruiting.  Time to EMBRACE the changes necessary to reach my goal of moving forward in Leadership.

Do you struggle with an aspect of your direct sales business?  What are your best tips for overcoming the obstacles that keep you from reaching YOUR goals?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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